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    Default What do you do to cheer yourself up?

    A continuous thread.
    How do you cheer yourself up when you are down?

    Write about your own experiences towards yourself (or others). Hopefully it would be a decent thread. For me, I cheer myself up the most by actually performing music with comical lyrics or finding something strange to do. The rule for me is that being cheered up doesn't count if I am not laughing or smiling by the end of the attempt to do so.
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    Depends on how bad the situation is, but normally the things I would do is,

    -Do something I enjoy.
    -Dwell in company that I enjoy.
    -Learn something new.
    -Realize that my current standing in life isn't so bad in the bigger picture.
    -Acknowledge that I live a blessed life.
    -Deep breaths. Forget. Don't think about it. Push it aside.

    On the flip side, you can try to become a stoic and suppress your emotions.

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    I'll be honest, when I'm actually feeling super down, I cheer myself up by making myself cry. Afterward, I just feel relaxed and kinda just let stuff go.

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    Do your favorite/preferred things to forget about what happened. I, personally, prefer listening to fave music to cheer up. Gaming & movies/anime are also good alternatives.
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    It sometimes depends, when I'm having a bad day or stress I try to listen to some upbeat music or watch silly things on youtube. But if I feel terrible and need to let out my emotions somehow, I usually draw vent art. It helps me to make myself more calm or distract myself and it usually ends in kind of symbolic pictures hahah.

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    whenever i'm feeling down, i usually just go on facebook and checkout some of the 9gag and sarcasm stuffs. they make me laughs and smile. or some of "the awesome quotes" with the positive saying in life cause negative tend to make your life feeling worst. for example: "you'll feel more happier if you don't overthink too much." or "I'm not afraid of being different. i'm afraid of being the same as everybody else".


    i also do some other activities to keep myself motivated and not get bore:
    -playing games i enjoy. currently playing Blade and Soul although the grinding is
    getting a bit stale. i'm thinking of taking another break again from it. also playing
    Tales of Berseria on the PC. i'm enjoying this game very much. it's fun and makes
    my stress goes down with it's sense of humors and lovable characters.

    -i listen to mostly instrumental music and keep me relax. some games music are also
    very addictive.

    -i also do wallpapers and sigs when i have some free time and bore. when i complete them,
    they give me a nice warm feeling. like i accomplish something good with

    -exercise every now and then. i find myself doing 50 jumping jacks everyday cause i'm lazy lately.
    i use to walk a lot in the park, but now, i'm just bore of just 50 jumping jacks.

    -cooking simple food. i actually enjoy cooking simple meal. like some fry eggs or some pork chops
    and then serve those food with some baby kales or spinach. i try eating healthy and never over eat
    junk food.

    -sleeping early is also nice. but for some reason, i still tire even after 7-8 hrs. sleep. -_-

    -and morning Coffee and black tea during lunch time helps my stress level down. not to mention keep me alive and AWAKE!

    TLDR - just do the things you like and don't stress out on things you can't do. life is short. if you're not enjoying and
    having fun right now, you'll regret it. ^_____________^

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    I have a mental disorder that causes serious depression for a good amount of time. I often can't do anything about it, but sometimes videogames and chocolate helps.
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    i bully people and pray that the sun will explode

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    Here are my replies to each of you so far:

    @Yoshiblue "What do you do when all of that fails? Do you have a Sure-Fire Kill to perk yourself back up?"
    @Anduril "Crying helps greatly! Suppression of crying was originally initiated by parents; Psychology proved crying was natural and healthy."
    @Dhylec "What happens when you can't forget or it is unhealthy to do so?
    @Kazuuya "Music along with a strange twist of luck are the reasons I am still alive."
    @Xefi "Food goes a long way. Glad that you can cook"
    @Wyndham "There are a lot of foods that help regulate disorders as part of treatments."
    @Uncle_bob "Destruction of the Sun is good... Until those cheap-ass shadow people fuck up to the nth degree and accidentally raise it back!"

    The way I cheer myself up has changed over the years.

    When I was young and small, I was extremely and utterly destructive at cheering myself up. I would burst out in waves of energy and let people try to stop me!
    When I was a Teenager to Young Adult, My Anti-Stress was extreme sports, paintball, kickboxing, wrestling and mailbox baseball. I particularly liked the times I was pinned to a mat, and I would grab the nearest object laying around and Lights Out while saying "yayyyyyy!!! in a high pitched voice!"

    Video Games?
    I was always good at video games! Then again... I did have Three NES Consoles. The first one I smashed to pieces! The second one mysteriously fell out the Window, but the third one has lasted forever. I learned more patience by the SNES days as I only deleted one SNES out of existence after finding out it deleted my 90+ hour OgreBattle game out of existence! By my SEGA days, I learned not to destroy consoles, though it didn't stop my first playstation from overheating, so out of boredom I made it explode. It was fucking priceless! ^_^

    Of course, Video Games became my outlet for trying some of the strangest shit ever..
    From rewriting the bible and successfully starting a mock religion and spreading the Gospel for a few years,
    All the way to all the blasted Pot-Matching and Tournaments I took part in.
    Sometimes they are more stress than they are worth too...

    Right now I deal with the stress as it comes, and I tend to deal with it in my own special way.
    Its kind of abstract and volatile, but at the same time....can be many things.
    But, it usually ends in being cheered up!
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    K, if you can't let go or stop thinking of the thing that is bothering you, you won't be able to relax. If outside distraction & entertainment don't work, when look inside. Try doing yoga or simply clearing your mind & focus on breathing. It's tough, but doable & should help to relax.
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

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