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    I find what works for me is reading the wiki article on Neptune.
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    In the spirit of the Vernal Equinox, it seemed fitting to share what has helped me:

    Step outside and stand in the sunshine.

    Letting the light warm one's body and simply "be".

    Maybe close one's eyes and just listen to one's surroundings. Whether that's pretty sounds made by nature;
    annoying noises made by humanity's hustle-&-bustle;
    or even silent stillness.

    Maybe take note of the breeze's sensation on the skin.

    Maybe take note of any fragrance on the wind;
    whether pleasant or malodorous.

    But no matter what,
    be open to spontaneous inspiration as you absorb all those solar rays from above!

    If negativity or hostility is still lingering,
    mentally visualize swiping away dark-clouds from around you;

    With even a little extra-room in your head-space,
    give thanks for even the smallest good-aspect(s) of the day thus far;
    no matter how few of them, or how long it takes to recognize them.

    Then, in your hopefully refreshed state-of-mind: wish well-being upon all things. Even things you dislike.
    Imagine bathing everything/everywhere/everywhen in the same warming light that the Sun is sharing with us right now.

    Hopefully that doesn't sound too sappy! But really, try it out!
    "For the benefit of everyone/everywhere/everywhen, may these ripples
    catalyze only cascades of goodness, with zero badness resultant.
    Spoken truly and sincerely."

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