I'm new here and I know the forum is mostly dead, but I wanted to say that I'm still enjoying PSZ. I've gone through a lot of character deletions and cart resets, but here's what I'm playing right now.

HUnewearl ( level 58 ) - Build will be full power mats and she has a 50/0/25/25 Chato

FOnewm ( level 15 ) - Build will be 55 mind/25PP mats and 100 mind Niid. He has a 0/21/21/33 Larg from a previous FOmar that he's using at the moment.

RAmarl ( level 5 ) - Build will be full power mats and 100 power Thohn. She has a 22/21/21/0 Hagal from a previous RAcast.

For the split-stat mags I've been using Chaos Rappy's guide for optimized aesthetic mag growth.

I imagine people are thinking "he deleted a RAcast for a RAmarl?!" Well, I just don't enjoy playing CASTs that much. I mostly played a CAST to get that story done in the player record. I figured the RAmarl would be a good challenge. Plus I figured I could try the RA-only weapons.

The HUnewearl is the highest I got any single character. For now I'm enjoying hunting down 6* gear and rares in hard mode. Damned Bakery won't appear though, so no Compress PA yet. :P