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    Thumbs up 186 Mind 12 Def 2 Dex Mag

    On Blue Burst, I'm just making a 185 Mind Mag with 15 Def. Past level 50 now so I can easily raise just mind. I've seen a guide to make a 10def/0/5dex/185 mag that's probably quickest (Feeding 76 trifluids at one point?!).

    But on Dreamcast I did this and I think this is how...

    I'd like my blasts to be Estlla,M&Y,Pilla but for a mind mag like this I think Pilla is impossible so I got Golla to probably do most single hit damage to a boss. I always have ranger level a mag to L10 for Estlla. I think Leilla and Farla are the worst blasts. My DC mag is L200 Ushasu, looking like twin spiked shoulder pads, 12/0/2/186 with Farla, Mylla&Youlla, Estlla

    From the beginning to L35 is the critical part where you have to minimize def and dex raises. At 35-200 you just have to be careful to not raise other stats.

    Mag L5-10 Feed nothing but monofluids.
    Kalki/Varuna/Vritra L10. Use a character under L40 to feed monofluids and difluids only. Monos only appear sometimes in shop for higher chars. Slower than trifluids but they have a better proportion of mind to other stuff. For a mag with 15 def and 185 mind, stop feeding difluids when dex is close to leveling. For a mag with 12/0/2/186, I probably let dex level twice and then fed only monofluids when it was close to leveling a 3rd time.

    (Theoretical stuff or possibilities to try)
    I don't know if you can get a 187 mind mag by letting dex level more (or less) for less (or more) def. Difluids are a slightly worse proportion of other stats to Mind than Mono but it's a better proportion of Mind to Def. (5+3 more than 1/2 of 15 while 5 is 1/2 of 10). I'm gonna guess that 12/0/1/187, 11/0/2/187, 10/0/3/187, 9/0/4/187, or 8/0/5/187 are probably not possible. I have no idea if you'd end up with 13/0/1/186 or 14/0/1/185 OR 11/0/3/186 or 12/0/3/185 OR 10/0/4/186 or 11/0/4/185 OR 9/0/5/186 or 10/0/5/185.
    (End of theoretical stuff)

    If you initially leveled to 10 with a Hunter for Farla, then L35 mind mag will be Vayu. Going from L35 to 50 will be easy. But then going to L50 you might want Estlla instead of Golla, depending if you want to hit more enemies or do more damage to a single one. Any fluids and especially moon atoms give good raises. Just make sure you lower def&dex with monofluids. Watch how much you raise dex with Moons and def with Trifluids. Moons lower def.

    Once L35, if it evolved from a Ranger's Kalki to Tapas:
    When dex is close to leveling feed Moon Atomizers but it raises def and pow.
    When def is close to leveling feed Soul Atomizers but it raises dex and pow.
    When pow is close to leveling feed Di or Tri fluids. Di also raises def though and Tri raises def and dex.
    Once you've seesawed def, pow, and dex a lot, and two or more of them are close to leveling, feed nothing but monofluids. This will be painfully slow for several levels around 42 to 50.

    When nearing L50... (with zero dex, pow takes priority even if it's also zero)
    For Ranger Tapas or Hunter Vayu:
    If you have more than 0 dex, have a section A Hunter feed it for Golla Blast.
    If you have 0 dex, have a Ranger A or Force B feed it for Golla blast.
    For Hunter Yayu:
    If you have more than 0 dex, have a Hunter B or any Ranger feed it for Estlla Blast.
    If you have 0 dex, have a Hunter B feed it for Estlla blast.

    Once you have the blasts you want, raise from L50 to 200 using a class/section combination for good mind raises and of course keep the other stats from leveling.

    ***Quickest for mags with some dex***
    *Ila, Soma, Durga*

    With dex: Section B with any class

    *Next quickest with same good moon raises*
    *Apsaras, Varaha, Ushasu, Kumara*
    dex: Hunter A, Ranger A
    zero dex: Ranger A, Force B

    ---Crap (lowest gains and moons lower while sols raise)
    ---Kabanda, Naga, Bana
    dex: Force A
    zero dex: AllHunters, Ranger B, Force A

    Sections A:
    Vir, Sky, Purp, Red, Yel
    Section B:
    Grn, Blue, Pink, Oran, Whit

    In conclusion this will be considerably faster if you start the mag with a Hunter for Farla/M&Y/either Estlla or Golla... Or going from L35 to 50 will be really slow and annoying if starting with a Ranger to make a Estlla/M&Y/Golla mag if you really want that combination like I did. Also this will be faster to build a mag with some dex than a mag with zero dex with most characters. My blast combo with 15 def and eventually 185 mind is the slowest to build while my 12/0/2/186 Mind mag on Dreamcast was the fastest without using a huge supply of trifluids.

    Been using noZedive13's Mag Guide for evolution, feeding, and lots of info.
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    According to Username on Ephinea, if you deposit a mag in the bank after feeding every 3 monofluids, you can make a 14/0/0/186 mag. And if you bank it after every fluid you can make a 13/0/0/187 mag. With each banking you gotta totally close out the banking menu.

    My Blue Burst mind mag is now over L170 with 15 def and less than 30 mind to go.

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    Apparently as far back as Ep1&2 so Blue Burst as well, there were some minute but irritating changes in feeding charts. My method for getting 15/0/0/185 mag is still fine. 12/2/0/186 is much more difficult but may be still possible. For a couple levels before L35 I had to put my mag in the bank after every single monofluid, to shave .01 off the def gains just to end up with 13/2/0/185. If I started banking it earlier I would have just had to bank it after every triple feeding for a while. It helps to have some mag reading plugin installed on Blue Burst to see the exact values of gains and such. So without banking the mag to shave down def gains, my guide for a 12/2/0/186 mag will only work for Dreamcast versions.
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