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    Question GC:Star Amplifier + Spirit Garment problem

    ok so I do have both item as mentioned in the guide.....homewer.....neither item offer me the option "use" while "clicking" them

    does the character has to be level 111 for the use option to be available ? or do I have to be in a specific quest(like dr,montague and enemies part for example) ? or is it only possible after install the online version//quests ? or it episode specific(haven't bother try this last possibility due to it being unlikely to be) ?

    I did try the following though without success(both items are on the same character of course(lvl 95))...brightness circle is a lvl 111 item for info
    armor equip then try to use the star amplifier
    armor unequip then try to use the star amplifier

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    You need to be Lv111 for the Use option to be available. It's the same with all Armour that are upgraded with items.

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    thanks for the reply....guess what I read regarding lvl requirement not be needed was outdated info....sorry for coming check late for the mood was sort of down from playing pso not too long after and played a ps1 game which I cleared yesterday...going back to pso mood to play has return...though I wont be playing immediately after this post XD got 4 anime episodes left to clear out(dragon piece...attack on titan and 1 that isn't main stream)

    unnecessary writing of my part next:...going back to hunt android specific armor from bulclaw on vh(1//143)...then I need to find sorcerer Cane 1/943 Ult sorcerer from ruins......and most importantly...DF Field for top notch shield(or barrier ?)...1/14xx from Merlan..don't remember the exact drop rate for this one
    .....I certainly prefer Attribute Wall for its magic resistance but i'd rather physical defense at lower lvl :P....and a painfull hunt of lvl 30 discs on the to do-list(1 chance on 100 full clear of a floor approx.)

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