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    Hello everyone...IM BACK!
    Slayer of Falz

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    XD bumping your old thread eh ? so.....your getting back to the sjs hunt or did you find it since the last time u came to this old thread of your ?

    edit:nvm bout the bumping part...somehow I thought of this thread as being the same one as your other one still being in the first page......going back to my HUnewearl after playing HUcaseal was rly weird...the attacking range is so much different..but gladly welcome back shifta...deband and resta XD..and the fact that I can heal forever versus falz(10 mono,di,tri,star atom and 10 scape dolls weren't enough as HUcaseal at lvl 10x to push trough :S(had some epic Vulcans too..40% dmg to dark 50% hit rate)...mainly thx to falz angel barely ever coming in my shooting//attacking range)
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