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    Default Another PSO2 Rant

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    Le Temps Detruit Tout
    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    If you are the type who doesn't enjoy or gets impatient about the long grind and RNG, then MMOs probably aren't the thing for you.

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    You must be new here...

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    afk summoner can do it why you can't ? xD

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    Phaleg is the best piece of the content in the game and they need to do more things like her. Learn her moveset and dodge everything, it's extremely fun to do and very satisfying to pull off.

    I fought her for the first time a couple of days ago and beating her (without something like Summoner cheese) was 10/10. It's basically a "don't get hit" quest, which you accomplish by learning the boss you are fighting and dodging/parrying/whatever at the right time. I don't know what the speedrun strats are and am not really interested, but actually try to learn how to fight her instead of just throwing attacks at her and she becomes a lot easier.

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    these quests have no drop if its too hard for you why do it ? try later when you get better
    and my bet souls games is not your type ? they are stressful but it's also what makes them so fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by TakemiShinnosuke View Post
    This type of content is of high quality ( best content so far ) but its so hard that it requires an expert to do so.. from how I see it .. a filthy causal cannot hope to clear it lol...
    That's the point? The game has had a severe lack of content for hardocre endgame players for a long time, so they added things like Phaleg and Solo PD (though people were already soloing normal PD) for players who want that kind of thing. If you aren't interested in that then I don't see why you can't do something else that you like more. I hate TD, but I'd never ask them to change it.

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    I'm surprised this game is still being played.
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    If you don't have time for MMO's, you probably shouldn't play MMO's.

    That being said, do AQ's and EQ's to level. Bonus keys are a small possibility to just skip an AQ or two. You shouldn't rely on them to level.

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