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    I'm playing PSO again. Feels great. Started fresh of course.
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    I just started on a few public servers aswell again. Ephina and Ultima.

    Meeting old people I have played with over twenty years ago would be awesome.
    But I just can not remember their names. There have been many hunter licenses in my pocket.. but that is so long ago..

    My most common names were:

    Don Mania
    Maru Maximus

    I can not think of more names right no.. lol even my own character names are hard to come up with.

    I played so many hours on the Dreamcast. And restarted on the GameCube for many countless hours more.

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    Just started again myself, on Ephinea. I only ever played offline on DC and GC, this is really my first time online. So I didn't play with anyone here, but I spent a lot of time here on the forum and participated in a few art contests many years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trypticon View Post
    Greetings, citizens. My name is Adam.

    Perhaps you've heard of me...

    That's kind of a fat chance here, these days, but if you have, that's great, because you could be one of the few old players I am trying to get back into contact with.

    I'm currently working on a project, and would appreciate the input from a few old players about their character direction in certain situations and junk from way back when.

    At the moment, I wouldn't mind locating

    Photon Drop
    Saifwin (I don't see this one happening at all, but it would be nice)
    The One Hero. I already sent him a message, but I don't know if he even logs in anymore.

    Really, very interested in getting into touch with ADE and KIREEK, if they ate still around.

    While I can't say much about the project here, it would be great to get some information from these individuals, if they can still be found here. Also, while this message might fit better in the LOUNGE forum, checking it tonight showed that there has been one active thread in there in the last seventy-five days, and I'm fairly certain that this would never been seen if it were moved there, so, since this is old PSO related, please do keep it here.
    I knew Kireek. Sadly haven't spoken to him in years.
    I knew Cypher but can't remember anything Past the name and that it used to be someone I played with a lot.

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