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    WOW. If this isn't a laundry list of nostalgia, I don't know what is. I recall the people behind a good chunk of these names.

    I remember your fan projects, Adam-- if this one's still alive, I'm interested to see where you go with it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir_Laguna View Post
    Adam-- if this one's still alive, I'm interested to see where you go with it!
    Some might have noticed that I haven't updated this project status for quite a while. It wasn't due to lack of personal interest in seeing it completed. I don't think anyone in their right mind would have sat down for months to write out a several hundred page long script without some hope of seeing it to completion. And, anyone whom had been a part of my last three productions would remember that each of them took over a year from script development to completion before they were released to the public for viewing. This one was no different in that sense when I began brainstorming ideas for it.

    The ideas were many. I KNEW it was going to take time. Rewatching the old films got some ideas running, and there was one portion during one of them that opened up this script from a maybe to a need to get this written out.

    I was surprised to find out how excited I was to get back into the production side of film making, again.

    In the end, a lot of the same things I ran into back in like 2004 and 2005 began plaguing this project, just as had happened before. Broken computers, broken computer parts, screwed up software, hard drive failure, etc. starting popping up again, and again. The level of frustration was real! However, having dealt with that before, I could also look forward and think that those blockades were all things that could be bypassed with time.

    Except, time was a blockade, itself, during this round. Not time as in, time to get things done. It was more as, time that had already passed. Though I had kept in moderate contact with most of the main character creators that appear in this script, as well as many of the old films from so long ago, the contact was just that: moderate. Time has passed. We had all grown up, grown into different lives, with different family obligations, and careers. Though there was initial excitement about getting this going (I was going to use them mostly to voice their old characters.) scheduling conflicts, which had been the reason behind the three years that episodes 11, 12, and 13 took to complete became an issue almost immediately. This time, though, the conflicts were more difficult to get around, because they dealt with jobs, with family time, with earnings, with bills to pay, as well as age and distance catching up to a few of us.

    And that's ok. These were all very good people, and though I didn't want to move forward without having them on board, a lot of the characters could easily be voiced by different people, right?

    Well... That is more difficult to explain, in that, I don't know if many readers would understand what I'm getting at in this:

    Being a voice actor is a difficult thing to describe. Most people are going to be thinking that it's just funny voices while someone is reading. It's not. It is much more than that. It is acting in a pure sense, not unlike doing so on a theatre stage. ACTING is the main part of voice acting. It's not just reading. It's not just a funny voice. It's emotion, real, sometimes raw. The characters written into this story were all existing characters from another time. Those people behind the characters gave them life, gave them direction, and understood the choices that those characters made in the world setting of the game. There was personality to them, in other words, that the players behind them knew as their own creation. So, while it might be easy to put of a casting call for Vocal Artists to fill, in a lot of cases, it just wasn't going to sit right. The audience for this production was going to be very small. I can admit that. The audience for the last few films wasn't much, because people had already moved on to different games even back then. Anyone watching this now would have probably watched what was before, and would have gotten to know, if they didn't know, personally, the players that were scripted to show in this production. If this production had any hope of being accepted by the viewers, the character interaction was going to have be genuine to what was before. As a voice actor myself, I know, full well, that you can do impressions. You can copy a character, and voice match as much as you want, but there is a realism that comes from an existing personality that is usually very difficult to meet spot on.

    People would know Tyrant Flame. People would know Dark Shadow. People would know ADE, Pink Passion, Tycho, James, Lightning, SNK, either from films, from in game play, or from something as trivial as their behavior on message boards, like PSO world. They would know what to expect, and having someone else come in to portray them, though possible, probably wasn't going to cut it.

    Over a matter of just a few weeks, the budget for this production went from high to nil. I can blame that on certain investments not panning out. Even if they had, though, I don't know if the budget for a true animated piece of.. work would have ever been met. After all, it wasn't just animation that the budget was intended for. It was voice overs, and round table meetings for rehearsals before any true recording began. While it probably sounds like a lot of fun for all of those old players to get together on skype or something to chat and rehearse this, we have to remember that the cast was also located in different places around the globe, and scheduling a time for us to meet up regularly, even IF they were going to do so for free, with family, jobs, and their adult lives to dent to, was not likely.

    I would really love to see something more come out of this. I just don't see everyone happily coming together for it for free. Even if they did, without an animation team, it would end up being an audio book, anyway. Of course, that might mean more people would listen to it than watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrant_Flame View Post
    Yet here I am. This place is pretty quiet, not that I was expecting Times Square or anything. How's things Tian?
    Figured I'd stick my head in here to see what's going on, and I find you replied to me 10 minutes after I posted - and here I am 2 years later All is good here, hope it's well for you too. Still playing the game here and there, I've written a few quests lately that use random enemy spawns, which I'm quite happy about.

    And as always, still spying on old threads Hope your project is able to get past its issues, Adam...

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    Were you able to get in touch with 09?

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    I mailed Henry a few times, and never got a response from him. He and Sharkyland proved to be unreachable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trypticon View Post
    I mailed Henry a few times, and never got a response from him. He and Sharkyland proved to be unreachable.
    Hey trypticon, glad to see you're still active, sorry I didn't see this until now. I don't really visit this site often especially the forums. I do peek here to see if I get any PMs or anything but again fairly rarely, I mainly go to reddit and gamefaqs. Glad to see so many of the OGs still active XD lol.

    I tried reaching out to Sharky multiple times but I think he fully blackout from anything, even his personal site isn't there anymore. Wish he was still around. Surprise this got to 8 pages, I'll have to go back and read them!

    Are you playing PSO2 GL Adam? I wonder how many of our OG friends here are playing PSO2 GL? I'm on ship 3 with the same name.

    My subreddit userid is metatime09 if you're interested in contacting me there or anyone else from long ago! I don't know if you guys remember Whiteout but he is playing on ship 3 and had a good long talk and got caught up there.

    Edit: Just to clarify I'll visit here a bit more here too since I see a few of our friends are still here = D
    Last edited by metatime; Nov 5, 2020 at 11:35 AM.

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    Man I couldn't post for a long long time, I doubt I knew anyone here since I never played online. I'd really like to pick up PSO2 someday.

    OP, keep up this thread, the idea and story is very cool.

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    Bump. Just checking in.~
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    I'd be like.. uber happy if Destiny was still around, she was among the first of PSO's few lv200 FOnes. Probably wouldn't remember me though. She was the one that inspired me to be a FOne in the first place.
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    The level 200 RAcast that would be sitting in lobbies chatting up with other hunters? Man, that brings back so much nostalgia. :3

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