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    Default Phantasy Star Portable 2 playable in PPSSPP in 60fps

    so since some time you can use cheats in the PPSSPP emulator and people enable through them 60fps in games, i've recorded really short gameplay with a 60fps cheat code

    it plays amazingly

    here is the cheat codes, you need to enable the 60fps on obv

    _S ULUS-10529
    _G Phantasy Star Portable 2
    _C0 60fps ON
    _L 0x00630B6C 0x00000001
    _L 0x20662FF4 0x42700000
    _L 0x20662FF8 0x0000003C
    _L 0x20662FFC 0x3F800000
    _L 0x20663004 0x3F000000
    _L 0x20663008 0x3C888889
    _C0 60fps OFF
    _L 0x00630B6C 0x00000002
    _L 0x20662FF4 0x41F00000
    _L 0x20662FF8 0x0000001E
    _L 0x20662FFC 0x40000000
    _L 0x20663004 0x3F800000
    _L 0x20663008 0x3D088889
    enable cheats globally in the emulator menu -> open game in the emulator -> go to cheats menu -> game will open notepad and an empty file, paste the cheat codes from the box above and hit Save -> enable the 60fps on code for the game -> enjoy

    the audio desync is my recording software messing up
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    Nice that the 60 FPS code is fixed. Know of any remaining issues with it? I know multiplayer in particular had problems with the old codes. Also any word on a PSP2:I working 60 fps code?

    Edit: After having done some testing two things I have noticed. One is that the gun charge up shot is really quick (not complaining just saying). The second is that it seems that traps hit less times, though not 100% on this. Haven't tried using force techniques to see how they are changed. Overall though this code works great.
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    Another problem is that chaining ends twice as fast. Which is rather annoying.
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    Holy moly.
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    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    I'd be down for this if people still played online
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    i've found a video with another 60fps code which fixes pretty much all the "issues" with the one i posted first

    i'll probably stick to the first one since the game feels faster paced with it
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    Are these cheats working on mobile phones?

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