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    Good day everyone,
    I really wanted to not ask a question about it but I really need to right now. Does someone know how hard it is to get both of this items? The first one; Twin Sabers - Celestial Blades/セレスティアルブレイズ. The Second one; Twin Claws - Twin Gaburidant/ツインガブリダント. I tryed everything, but I don't found them ... does someone know how to get them and how hard it is to get droped?

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    If I recall Celestial Blades drops on the first area of Guhral Heroes. I think it drops from the poulty or whatever they are called. It shouldn't be too hard to get one, I remember I'd get them pretty often. You can try playing as either HU or VA, that might increase the drop chance for it. The claws though I don't remember what/where those drop.

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