I wasn't positive if this should be posted in the Fan Works board or here, honestly, so forgive me if it should be over there. I thought it might be better put here since I'm not sure if it's fan content or something official.

My family deals in real estate and recently we purchased some land where we needed to clear out the house. Surprisingly, among the items left behind, I found this shirt.


Has anyone ever seen this shirt before? Because I had never seen one like this before now. I tried to find some on eBay and Amazon and found nothing. I even looked for the graphic and couldn't find it anywhere. I would clean this shirt and wear it but it's too small for me to wear.

Anyone know anything about this at all? If the shirt can't be found anywhere online now (unless it was fan made, of course), anyone know where I could find a clear PNG of the graphic so I could get one made?