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    Hi everyone, welcome to my convoluted mess which I am passing for as a guide. This is written using my PS Vita so any typos and Screenies not showing will be normal yay. Ti make a long story short, PS Nova is to PSO2 like how PS0 is to PSO and PSPo is to PSU. A Side story/Gaiden game to the main. It retains the freedom of character creation and most of it's combat style from PSO2. I'll try to elaborate on the important bits specifically assuming you haven't play and/or heard of PSO2.

    Graphics and etc.
    Due to the PS Vita's power not only is the Gfx, Sfx and other great but it includes other extras not seen in other games. That extra is that your MC is now actually part of dialouge scenes. Yes! F******g finally.

    The menu selection is now below the screen, Enemy data doesn't show tbeir element but their elemental weakness. Just Counter is now shown in your character rather than the buttons.
    It is similar to PSO2 with a few changes. PAs are now called GAs(Gran Arts) and PP is now GP. Earth element is replaced by wind.
    All weapons are different compared to other PS Handheld games. Weapon palettez are rehashed and so are item pallette. Also the delay is extremelly short after a combo, heck you can just hold the attack button and your MC will continue to attack like a Madman/woman.
    Unlike it's predecessors chaining is very different here. Chains are no longer tied to an enemy but as a collective. What I mean is rather than say individually chained, all enemies on the screen are now part of a single chain. Tbis means thar when facing say 2 bosses at the same time, your chain from killing one of them still affects the other too. Another change that is major no mre cursing Noobs and AI for using GAs early, those doesn't consume the chain anymore and actually adds more to it. Reaching a high chain count activates Burst, it basically increases damage more, improves attack speed, lessens Techniques and GAs charge or wind-up times and some other stuff.
    Another difference is that your MC has a combat and sheathed modes. The former is where you run slowly and do battles while the latter allows fast running speed. This means no more sluggish movement when exploring stages/maps.

    Don't post yet.

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    You have three of the standard races in every PS, these are Humans, Newmans and Casts.

    They are very balanced.
    Pros: 2nd highest HP/R-Atk and T-Atk/Def.
    Cons: Nothing noteworthy.

    They are those who excel in Photon manipulation.
    Pros: Highest T-Atk/Def. Equal S-Atk/Def and R-Def with humans.
    Cons: Lowest HP and R-Atk(Slightly lower than Humans heck almost negligible).

    The BRAWNS meaning great physically but weak mentally.
    Pros: Highest S-Atk/Def, R-Atk/Def and HP.
    Cons: Lowest T-Atk/Def.

    No comment for now, still haven't tried Males. I will get in to it eventually(aka when I have motivation).

    Unlike the diverse Class system in PSO2 this game only has three starting class and a fourth one to be unlocked. Don't be fooled certain tweaks in them can make them just as diverse as other classes.

    The good old melee specialist, boasting greatness in everything melee. Unique dodge: Step. Allows short dashes which can be applied both offensive and defensively. Great for Beginners.
    Weapons: Sword, Partisan, Double Sabers, Knuckes and Halo

    The awesome range specialist, killing enemies before they reach you. Unique dodge: Dive Roll. Basically what one does in gunfights in movies to reach a hiding spot. Snipe mode is better since it now allows movement and is show in over the should 3rd person. Great for Advance
    d Players.
    Weapons: Assault Rifle, Twin Mechgun and Halo

    As BLB(Broken_L_Button) limes to call them, Psycho Arsonists. They are more awesome than before. Unlike PS0 and PSPo's Awesome but Difficult approach. They are viable more so than in PSO and PSU. Unique dodge: whatever it's called. Those who played Castlevania SOTN will have one thing to think, soult of mist. You basically turn into a mist like whatchamacallit and becomes invulnerable to attacks, you can also pass through enemies for great positioning. Great for Experts.
    Weapons: Rods, Wands, Talis and Halo.

    The fourth class and generally a JOATMON(Jack of All Trades Master of None). This one generally screams balanced. Unique dodge: same as Ranger. This one is unique despite it's balanced approach, offering useful skills and abilities. Mainly levelled for those speciffically TAJA(Tech Advance Just Attack). Don't be discouraged in using one though, they can do one thing others can't creating weak points and catching Gigantes. Gotta Catch Em All! Gi-Gan-Tes!(Insert Pkemon puns here).Great for Challenge seeker and beyond Expert.
    Weapons: Pile and everything else.

    To recap:
    Hunters: Beat Em Up
    Rangers: More Dakka and Pew Pew Pew
    Force: Psycho Arsonist(Thanks BLB your the best)
    Buster: Gotta Catch Em All

    Just a Brief Summary please use Altiea's(?) weapon guide it has everything you need to know which murder weapon is for you.

    Hunter Weapons
    3rd Slowest and 2nd Highest DPS.
    Attack and Guard.

    Second Fastest Second Lowest DPS. No more Stabbity Stab Stab but more Slash Slash Slash.
    Attack and Guard.

    Double Saber
    Fastest and Lowest DPS. According to PSO2 players no more Kamaitachi. Damn you DDoS haven't played in years. Too bad PCs busted for the SEA version.
    Attack and Guard.

    Slowest and Highest DPS. If only your MC goes Ora Ora Ora every punch.
    Attack and Sway

    Ranger Weapons

    Assat Rifle
    Love guns but can't decide which one to choose? Need utility and diversity but can't be bothered or have the time and effort to bring manh weapons? If yes then this is the weapon for you.
    Single Shot: Slow but Longest Range and Highest DPS per shot.
    Burst Shot: Three bullet burst hit, fast but Slightly Lower Range and Weaker DPS per Shot.
    Rapid Shot: Empties full clip. Same Rangd as Burst but Fastest and Weakest DPS per Shot.

    More Dakka period. Shortest Range but Good DPS and Fast.
    Attack and Backwards Flip.
    Backwards Flip doesn't negate standing shot bonus, can be done 3 times in a row. 3rd time does slow mo.

    Tech weapons

    Good for pummeling Highest Tec weapon interms of casting.
    Attack, Guard?(Have to check) and Spells.

    Highest Melee damage option for Force, 2nd Highest Tec for casting.
    Attack and Spells.

    Card throwing Tec based weapon. Good range option and Okayish for casting.
    Attack and Spells.

    Buster Weapon
    Slow, Huge but packs a shot.Uses short range for attacks. GAs are either Melee, Range or Both. Still prefer Gunslash.
    Attack and Guard.

    ALL Weapon
    Long range Tec based weapon. Highest damaging attack for Tec based. Can't use Techniques but GAs are a go.
    Attack and Ring Field Generation.
    Ring Field Generation as I call it allows you to create Ring Fields without needing items.

    Bare Hands
    Lowest Melee Damage, Slow as Knuckles but high Stagger Rate. Nothing is more enjoyable than killing Gigantes with these. Like say a Newman Force.

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    Switching palettes is easier.
    Up/Down switches between six weapon types.
    Left/Right switches sub-palettes(items).

    Murder Abilities
    All GAs and Techs are immediately given. You just need materials to level them.
    Gran Arts
    Charge times are reduced and at times instant. No more Combo as they are now chainable to each other.
    Needs Charging but it's fast don't worry. No more 3 hit Combo and always needs charging but more potent.


    Class Counter
    Class Change - Change classes, level is locked on job so each job can reach Lv 200.
    Gran Arts Counter - Level GAs.
    Techniques Counter - Level Techs.
    Skill Pod - basically acts the Interface to put passive skills. Similar to PSPo but better as each skill only use one slot. Putting skills adjacently but not in diagonal, will sometimes result in zkill combo. Granting better boosfs and doen't take a slot. so you can have say three abilities acgive rather than 2.

    Weapon Shop
    Creates Weapons but needs materials. Create and Attach Attack parts(basically unit modules but for weapons instead).

    Shield Shop
    Same as bove except sheilds only. The only lone defensive equipment. No more mkxules or sets.

    Item Shop
    Same as above except items only.

    Costume Shop
    Same as above but for costumes.

    Edit your characters appearnce.

    Cooking Facility
    For the right material you can gst various effects like damage boost, etc. Simar to MonHun Foods just no eating shown.

    Unclocks certain improvements like Halo and Buster for Gran Energy.

    PS These Facilities are empty and later you can assign NPCs to man it. Choosing an NPC with appropriate skill could increase options or reduce costs.

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    Oh yeah nearly forgot here are screenies of stats for females at lv 200. bope I can upload Screenies.

    Attachment 41732
    Attachment 41733
    Attachment 41735
    Attachment 41734

    Attachment 41736

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    Last but not least
    Attachment 41740
    Attachment 41741
    Attachment 41742
    Attachment 41743

    PS These stats are unaltered. Basically speaking, no equipment and Skills

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