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Thread: PSO2 Costume

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    Default PSO2 Costume

    Posting this here because I saw a basewear in PSO2 that I would like to be made in real life

    Basewear name: snow fantasia

    anyone willing to take the challenge ?

    eh pm me the costs. After I note the costs then I will decide whether I to get you guys to commission it or not
    ( if the price is right , I will pay for it )

    size is a for dude... type S
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    Anyone willing to let me know the costs of making one in real life for cosplay/daily wear ??

    Not rushing .. just well want to know

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    This place is kind of dead, outside a bunch of regulars. There are a couple of threads here with cosplay if you browse some. You might wanna PM those guys for more success.

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