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    Default PSO Episode 3 in Tabletop Simulator!

    Hey there folks! Who here remembers Episode 3? Yah, that card game. Anyone here love that game? I know I do, but it seems to be a distant memory these days. Well not for much longer because I'm porting all of Episode 3's cards into Tabletop Simulator (TTS) on Steam! That's right, all the official cards are being ported into the game, so you'll be able to play this game again with friends online! You'll have to make the battlefields yourself but TTS does have a grid function you can turn on. You'll also have to manually roll dice, move figures, and remember your own cards abilities, but is that any different than playing, say Yugioh? Not only will I get all the official cards but I have plans to port over all the unreleased cards as well! There's TONS of unreleased, unobtainable cards within the game's data, all of them fleshed out with point costs and abilities. (Unknown if they work in-game, but that doesn't matter here.) After I get all the original and unobtainable cards ported into the game I'll make "figures" for the monsters and story characters. (They'll just be basic stands with a portrait of the card/character in it.) After that I plan to go beyond, by making all new cards based on episode 4 monsters and items! This topic will be for updates on the project. As of right now I am porting images of all the Action Cards into the game. (A lot of copy and pasting into a template pretty much.) All Item and Monster cards are fully ported into the game with descriptions/abilities and all.

    I want to thank PSO World for their contribution to the project, providing me with good quality images for all the obtainable cards in the game. This site made the task so much easier for me. Here a link to an imgur album with various snapshots taken in game of what I call the "Episode 3 Project":

    Update (Already!): Got all the Action Card images ported into the game! Two new images available in the Imgur gallery. Next comes adding their descriptions/effects. For those that don't know you can add descriptions to items/objects in TTS and when you hover the cursor over the item for a moment, the game displays the description. This is how I add card details into the game.
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    All Action Cards are now complete with descriptions and all! Check the Imgur gallery for sample snapshots. Next up are the Assist Cards. After that it'll be the Story Characters. Following that I'll have to make the "figures" for the SCs and Monsters. After that I'll be double checking all of the cards, and I mean all of them to make sure ability descriptions are accurate and correct. Stay tuned folks!
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    Assist card images have been ported into the game! Description/ability adding to be done tomorrow or this Tuesday.

    Update!: Working on adding descriptions for the Assist Cards now. (Assist Return confuses me, gonna have to check what that actually does.) But I made a great discovery! The images for the unobtainable cards actually exist and a PSO Wikia site has them! With that I can take a snapshot of the unobtainable card in game (even if it does have a lower quality due to the emulator) with everything but its picture, download the picture from the Wikia and paste it over the placeholder image! I can make the cards have their originally intended image!

    Update: Assist card descriptions have (for the most part) been added. There's three Assist cards I need to verify in terms of their effects or what they influence, as well as some general clarification of the details of other cards. (PSO World notes can contradict the in-game description sometimes.) Snapshots are now in the Imgur gallery. Next step will be a quick one, Story Characters. Work to continue this week.
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    Gonna be honest, I just forgot to work on this last week. Getting some work done tonight and/or tomorrow.

    Update: All Story Characters have been ported into the game with descriptions and all! (Gotta check Creinu's HP Assist on the ISO for clarification though.) Images have been uploaded to the Imgur gallery. The next step will hopefully be completed this week, making figures for the Story Characters and the monsters. Also I have preemptively downloaded the artwork for all the unreleased cards.
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    Figures for the Monsters (referred to as Creatures in descriptions and abilities) and Story Characters are now done and sorted by side for SCs and attribute for monsters. Pictures to come later. All that really remains now is to check some abilities using the ISO, double-check all card descriptions and modify them as needed to make corrections and clarifications. I hope to check the abilities on the ISO this week and start double-checking cards this weekend.
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    BIG UPDATE! Version 1 of the mod is done and has been uploaded to the Steam Workshop! Link to the mod on Steam here:

    I'm not done of course! In the next update I'll be porting over the unobtainable cards as well as the boss cards. In addition I plan to make a "How-to-Play" video of sorts to teach people the basics of the game. To everyone here interested, enjoy the mod!
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