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    gameplay retrospect of EP5 subbed , the last one for now because im not sure if i should do EP6 from gameplay perspective or wait a little more

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    just a joke that came while i was doing some dailies in Tokio , remember active subs .

    and how nobody told me anything back then , i felt like an idiot >_<

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    subbed EP6 videos

    recap trailer

    EP6 1st part

    i would subb these videos sooner but i had technical issues , which are solved now

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    subbed last part of EP6 story video as always there are personal opinions about the season

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    subbed a top 5 of recomended works for PSO2 fans

    which works/ games would you recommend?

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    just a musical experiment i did showing EP4 content using Persona series music , i trought about this when i made the TOP

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    subbed new video explaining everything that wrong in Earth chapter in EP6

    the beginning will make you laught and the end will make you reflexion (for many reasons)

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    subbed a joke documentary about the Rappies . im sure you guys will have fun

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