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    Default Worth scrapping Fomarl for Fonewearl and tp regen?

    I'm thinking of re-starting my force character (level 35 Yellowboze Fomarl) for better chances at succeeding in Ultimate mode. I already have a level 120 Skyly Humar and level 35 Purplenum Racaseal. My plan is just to play offline and switch mags/items between characters.

    What I'm wondering is whether the tp regeneration is meaningful enough to warrant scrapping my current character. I find that my Fomarl runs out of tp fairly quickly in Hard mode, requiring multiple trips back to stock up on fluids. Do you guys think playing a Fonewearl will help remedy this problem, especially when playing in Ultimate mode? Or is the benefit from the tp regin negligible in the long run?

    On a related note, is Yellowboze a good section ID considering my other characters? I have plans to hunt for the Sealed-J Sword with my Skyly and (maybe) the Psycho Wand with my Purplenum. I've seen lots of love for Redria due to the God/Battle unit, so I'm considering it as well. I ultimately want my force's ID to assist with my quest to acquire the Sealed-J Sword.

    Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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    The tp regeneration can come in handy but it's not really a deciding factor in which force to use, it's more about their bonuses. For solo play, foney's much higher MST and more offensive tech boosts make a better choice if you have to choose between them. Although it's harder to cap, foney has more ata in case you have slicer of fanatic or bringer's rifle.

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    I have both yellowboz and Redria and neither ID is bad although yellowboz is meseta oriented you can still get decent items however the god/battle is really helpful in the higher difficulties for all your characters and defiantly worth hunting for.

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    I never found the TP regen on my Fone very useful. I blew through trifluids like water ::shrugs::.
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