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    Guys the oppai accessory is resizeable and equipable by males and up to 4 times.

    What has Sega done?

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    What they did was make it not match any skin color ever. (Going by the bumped image)

    also, the Solo MotherDeus trigger. Does it drop EXP/Loot? Should I turn off boosters for that one?

    also solo exq quest thing is only hard because of all the added bullshit it tosses onyou, not because of the actual challenge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayara View Post
    What they did was make it not match any skin color ever. (Going by the bumped image)

    also, the Solo MotherDeus trigger. Does it drop EXP/Loot? Should I turn off boosters for that one?
    Invade NT is the only norable drop

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    Quote Originally Posted by XrosBlader821 View Post
    Guys the oppai accessory is resizeable and equipable by males and up to 4 times.

    What has Sega done?
    WAIT! THAT was an accessory? Holy tits! I need that!

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    The whole problem with the expert mode requirement is that it's still tied to the rigid title system, which is completely unsuitable for measuring player skill and gear. What Sega should be doing is implementing a persistent checklist of tasks in the pause menu to complete to unlock expert matching, such as "Clear Spectre of Destruction on XH without dropping below 70% health and finish top 5 for total damage", "Defeat Lv81+ Omega Hunar solo" etc. along with proper gear and contribution restrictions when joining expert quests (i.e. no drops if you don't contribute enough, no using lobby actions, cannot equip a weapon below 12*). They're not though, they're just doing this as a lazy ass bandaid to cover for very fundamental design problems with the gameplay loop.

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    I find it somewhat entertaining to see everyone in here lose their shit once they're tasked with clearing solo content for expert.

    On an unrelated note, this new EQ is everything, same for UH explores.

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    The special ability Crack I seems interesting.

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    old problem requires old solution! they should have done it for a while. not like i hate newbies/casuals or anything. currently im mostly running as a casual now. i barely go to swiki to read shit, barely watch proplays/tricks/tips anymore and pay most of my mst to collect random goals insteads of gearing and i'm proud of it. but at least somehow i still want to maintain my dps standing out in every pub parties i do. hmm pretty soundy but it's lowkey compared to the days i came back to the game, i think i was top 5 most of deus rmt i did since i was in a pretty retard team.

    then whytf a casual like you don't like the carrying?
    1. moral hazard problem: most of ppl who got carried will likely never improve because they don't need to. they won't even do the maps again because they know they will fail. they don't even do their eqs/quests in a good-enough manner because "hey me low dps, no me no problem". they never get decent gears because "it will be outdated in next 3 months". they are also ones who will whine alot when sega changing their expert requirements because they are having their hard time again.
    2. some ppl takes advantage of the unfairness, bad people! i won't judge ppl who can't do the expert reqs but they are fine with it. if they feel good doing non-expert party with their friends, enjoy the casualty and spending their mst on other things. they enjoy themselves and have my respect. but there are guys who want to take all advantages without tradeoffs. the guys shouldn't be on expert. to me anyone who whines about expert requirements are in the type and they shouldn't have what they want. with the new requirements, guys who can't be expert now but want to it, can leave the bad guys behind later. it's good for the game, good for every-good-one.
    3. i think new reqs are fine. they aren't here to tricky-trick most players. to me, 99% players are the same, 1% remaining can be youtubers. ppl just need to fail 2-3 more times to get to their sense!
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    I mean I'm glad some people in here have the correct attitude. If they are not happy with the new expert requirements then they are going to pass on them and only play with people who are the same. They have no right to complain because all the content they are doing is the exact same shit, just with a different set of players. If your persona runs start taking 15 minutes, again it's not a big deal because obviously you aren't the one who is helping to reduce that time if you aren't willing to do expert.

    Nothing unfair about this. I'm actually excited to return to the game a little bit for ep6 even if things are being staggered out between late april and late may for the most part.

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    The thing that urks me a bit about this is the EXQ requirement, not the trigger thing. Nothing in the game (so far anyway) is going to ask anyone to have to juggle around the kinda stuff that quest asks for. At least not solo. The Mamapapa trigger being a damage check, and like say masquerade being a gear check because hes actually alot easier if you spent the time grinding for a 15star wep. Or if you get on one of those Malice stages requires actually good defensive units to survive.

    Or you know, actually do a gear check like some other MMOs do where if you don't reach a certain total you're barred from doing the content or something. I guess it doesn't really matter for me either way. I cant clear either thing with my current gear.

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