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Thread: PSO2 Rant

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    As it turns out, this game is not perfectly balanced throughout all possible player choices. A game like PSO2 is too complex for such a balance to occur.

    Many players do care about their performance. So, through theory-crafting and through experimentation, best practices emerge, and players' play-styles tend to converge.

    If you have a problem with people copying best practices, maybe you should try playing in non-expert MPAs. I think you will find more original play-styles there.
    "Well, the important thing is, you were mad online about a fictional universe." - Mangini In A Bottle - io9

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    yeah guess i will try non-expert. Then again , i have not cleared the current expert reqs and i always been clicking random mpa search

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    Dang. You really do have to resort to ignoring when someone tries to call out your nonsensical argument up front.

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    Seriously WTF is with some people. When I am playing good , it seems like one wants to buy my items. However , the moment I die in any EQ, they start buying my items.

    WTF are they trying to say ?? I am no good , needs to be better ?? Come the fuck on !! Its not like they do not die(k.o.) or anything.You telling that they are so perfect that they have no flaws??


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    i hope sega puts an option for us to filter out pvp teams with healers in them. there's just no way to win if they keep healing. Even the best team will lose.

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    going to have to boycott idola's pvp section altogether soon if this keeps up.

    I have had it. HEALERS IN PVP, what are you people a joke.
    No damage to go smashing each other.

    It's no wonder most people fail in the main PSO2 game.
    It's because looking at idola's pathetic PVP where people heal all the time, people expect the same in the main game.

    No wonder people keep dying...

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    zzz what is people and healers in idola. guess i will understand the weird logic of some.

    have low damage heal heal and more heals ,
    if its pve no one dies but the fight is very slow.
    if its pvp, ein by wearing out the opponent , time out or draws.

    zzz with idiots like this around there is no fight at all. just change the game name to healdola

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    I just joined this forum recently I know and I already have a rant.

    are we not allowed to get Ko-ed in this game.. its like I get knocked out once sometimes sometimes twice ( accidents occur )
    and immediately I suck -_-...

    what a fucked up world we live in

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    It happens. As long as you ask yourself why you died in that moment and try to improve on that in the future, it's ok.

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    yup. This game is a great game but not the people. How can you call it an MPA , Teamwork when no one and I mean no one wants to ress the dead.

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