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    Default How can I change my Email without knowing it?

    Long story short, when I was signing up for my SEGA ID the game wouldn't accept any of my valid personal emails, so I used a disposable email thinking it would be easy to change later on. Boy was I wrong.

    Is there any way I can change my email without knowing what it is already? The only thing I found was a FAQ support page saying I could fill out a form to request a change but it said if I was overseas they wouldn't help me. If I put in a ticket anyway just to see if they will help me, will I be banned because I'm not from JP?

    ps. I can still login and know my other information.

    Please, please let me know if any of you can help me. I've encountered so many issues while playing because I can't remember my email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fayoka View Post
    If I put in a ticket anyway just to see if they will help me, will I be banned because I'm not from JP?
    I'm in the same boat as you pretty much. From what I was told on the PSO2 discord when asking about if they will take a look at my IP when sending out the request ticket to change my email, apparently they don't look at your IP because if they did, Japanese players that are residing in other countries wouldn't be able to get support, which I guess makes sense. They also told me that your ticket must be in Japanese though, cause if it's not, that's when they won't help you or get the message that you're an outside player from Japan. I wouldn't really rely on Google Translate to translate your email to them cause I don't think Google Translate is 100% accurate when it comes to translating languages as far as I'm aware, so I think it's best to find someone who speaks fluent Japanese that may be able to help you out. I'm in the same boat as you and might ask on the PSO2 Discord again if someone whose fluent in Japanese can help me out with the ticket request.
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