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    Default Have questions and need help.

    Hi, as stated on the title I have a few questions and some some tips.
    I have played nearly all PS games after the Traditional RPGs, I decided to replay this and decideed to go solowhich I did on PSO, PSZ, PSO2 and PS Nova.
    My questions are how do I maximize my damage in PSP2/PSP2i and maybe PSP1? I will be honest I played 2 and Infinity but not 1 and I wanna try that first before replaying 2 and 2i. I am asking as I feel my Hunter Cast's damage is low, I do keep a Rifle or Twinhandgun for those melee resistamt enemies. I also use elemental weaknesses too.
    How do I maximize my Range Damage? It feels the clunky to me as rqther than PAs it uses Charge Shots with Buplets.
    Finally any way to deal good damage within 6-10 or mqybe 15 max chain? I do rarely bring AIs on some but they either breqk it early or sometimes I just cannot do more when I have to dodge specially since they consume PP.

    Any tips or suggestions are appreciated, I am just to used to Online, Online 2, 0, and Nova.

    Sorry for typos, my thumbs are a little thick so I can't help pushing the wrong letter at times and my Smartphone's Keyboard Blocks the are where I type.

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    In playing PSP2i, the lightning ball spell is usually very good for building up a good chain.
    Range damage increases while you are in aiming mode, but it turns off things like the auto heal ability.
    There is also the rebirth thing in PSP2i where you can reset yourself back to level 1 but have ability score increases. You could
    increase your stat that way. You didn't mention what level you are and what levels you might be playing currently.

    I usually keep the rifle that has the 'might kill normal enemies in one shot' ability on me for when i need it.

    I think I'm missing PSP2 regular, though I have PSP1 around somewhere. Usually playing PSP2i to try to get things unlocked.

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