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    Default Worse moments of PSO2.

    I was wondering what were people's worse moments were while playing PSO2...
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    inb4 silo1991 saying "the entirety of Episode 4."

    Gameplay-wise, to me it was the early days of Buster Quests; that was poorly planned out.
    Non-gameplay, it was definitely the DDoS attack of 2014; that left so many people needing to use a VPN/proxy for years and created such paranoia of IP bans, though I am glad that I lucked out and had no problems connecting normally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StreetFighter2242 View Post
    I was wondering what were people's worse moments were while playing PSO2...
    Failing a unit affix even when you have 90% rate of success or higher I think is what people would say including myself. In addition, for me personally, Episode 5.
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    Having to spend a few hours collecting 99 Darker Cores EACH time to unlock either Fighter, Gunner or Techer during Episode 1

    oh ya, it was never a personal issue for me back in the day because i cleared it fast enough but the Par Times they put on quests in order for you to S rank it or in general have it cleared for a CO. Pretty much almost had to be a speed runner or at least learn the quest to get through it quick but they removed those TA times on every quest for just overall clear via kills to get S rank
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    Tell you what mate, I'll decide when my topic goes into the QQ post or when it needs to be it's own thing, and you can do the same for yours. Alright, cool. Cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kril View Post
    Having to spend a few hours collecting 99 Darker Cores EACH time to unlock either Fighter, Gunner or Techer during Episode 1
    Oh god, I completely blocked out how much of a pain unlocking things was in Episode 1.

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    I do not have any overly negative memories of the game... I'd say the "worst" parts have been trying and failing to get a full 12man team mpa, and then have people leave because they aren't willing to wait for more people to login, or because tmpas are slower than average expert groups and "my buffs are more worth than playing with people I know".

    The rest are the typical affixing fails that drop you down to 4slot when attempting to reach 8slot, grinding OT 13* failing and losing 3 grind levels... but these were at worst annoyances.

    Maybe the "bank is full" syndrome is the worst thing happening to me currently?

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    All the failed runs in the early TDs because people ignored infection core or left towers all by their selves. (Spoiler : people still do this in BQ )

    Well, I actually liked how challenging those quests were, but it was also quite frustrating lol.
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    oh boy cant wait for this class to be op on release and for everyone and their mom to run only this class for a week and failing all the EQs.

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    When I needed a proxy to get on.
    Forgetting an email.
    Playing Bo early ep3.
    OT grinding.
    The dark days before multi affix search in the player shops.
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    That one time a 99% affix failed thrice in a row.
    There is a reason I don't do affixes that aren't 100% anymore.

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    watching a friend burn out extremely hard, to the point of actively hating the game, because they couldn't get a hold of a Guild Milla back during episode 2 (the drop rate on elder 11*s was better once they released super hard elder, as well as letting them drop in some of the mining bases)

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