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    Quote Originally Posted by Freeze View Post
    I'm going with that time my VMU file corrupted and I lost my RAmar. Some very nice people online had gave me some nice rare items too. Then one day my DC wouldn't connect to the server and after that my character wouldn't load. I was very sad.
    That happened to my first character (see sig). 787 hrs gone. Thankfully this was uncommon for the GC and instead you'd run into FSOD and lose stuff. Better than losing the entire character!
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    My worst was in the Gamecube version, where (and this is back shortly after release) I had farmed a dozen or so standstill shields and was using them as trade bait to get a Yas, among other things. Well I was trying to trade my shield for my friend's yas rifle, but they weren't sure. So as we were debating it, a random came in, listened to our convo, and came by and swiped the gun as my friend dropped it on the ground.

    My friend got angry and said I took it (Our two characters were nearly touching and thus I could have hit the button and picked it up if I wanted to, but I didn't). I couldn't convince them that it wasn't true. Well, they left and never talked to me again, but the random guy who walked in and took the yas said he'd trade it to me for the standstill shield. I agreed, took the gun, and had this entire scenario burned into my brain forever.

    I eventually quit Gamecube PSO entirely not long after that, but came back a year later and had Danger Girl, a regular here and a friend of mine, find me online and she gave me a Baranz Launcher that was hacked. So now I had a Baranz and a Yas. I played a bit, but it wasn't the same without friends or knowing anyone, and quit soon after. I keep thinking about that botched trade and how it pretty much spelt the end of my PSO "Career".

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