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    Default 3D modeled PSO Chess

    Hi all!

    New user here. I made an account in order to post this thread so I hope I'm not stepping over any guidelines or missing out on some thread etiquette. I've known about PSOW for a while now but never graduated past lurker status, until now!

    A little intro: I played PSO 1&2 like my life depended on it in high school and ever since I never been able to shake the experience. PSO is so deceptively simple; 3 general classes, 4 stages, kill stuff till it's dead. Basic gameplay loop. But the levels and the characters stick with you for some reason... I guess it's just wonderfully designed, but whatever magic that allows it to have created. Damn. Years later I'm still floored by all the good times and all it takes is the menu music for it to all come rushing back.

    Anyway, I've been getting into 3D modeling on the side. For fun. And for whatever reason, it never occurred to me to try anything PSO related. Chess is pretty cool, but it's just a stage on which to display some cool figurines. I hope to make these available with a 3D printer so, who knows, maybe even some larger statues can come out of this.

    Here's some of my first progress:

    Hunter lineup.jpg

    I'm just mimicking the default poses to begin and then I'll rearrange them for the purposes of the chessboard. (King's should probably be somewhat similar even if they're both different PSO classes etc).

    Let me know what you all think!

    My thoughts for the chess lineup:

    King - HUmar
    Queen - HUnewearl
    Bishop - RAmar/RAmarl
    Knight - FOmar/FOmarl
    Rook - teleporter
    Pawn - red boxes

    King - HUcast
    Queen - HUcaseal
    Bishop - RAcast/RAcaseal
    Knight - FOnewm/FOnewearl
    Rook - stacked boxes
    Pawn - mags

    But all in all, great to be here, glad I finally got an account going, and sorry to all you who haven't played ep 1&2 in a while. I'm just as down with PSU and PSO2 but I gotta start with the original G.
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    This is a really cool idea, and I am always a fan of novelty chess sets.
    While it might be a little more difficult since the designs are so varied, have you considered maybe having one side of the board be based on enemies? Something like:

    Pawn: Claw (due to them being spawned in large numbers)
    Knight: Chaos Bringer (for obvious design connections)
    Bishop: Chaos Sorcerer (again for obvious design connections)
    Rook: Dark Belra (make that a triple for design connections)
    Queen: Delsaber (the jump fits the idea of a Queen's movement)
    King: Bulclaw (while Dark Falz may fit better in terms of being the "King" of the Ruins enemies, Bulclaw, in my mind, fits the concept of the King in chess since it in itself is not a massive threat, but it requires you to get through its minions to attack it)

    Either way, welcome, and I look forward to seeing your progress.
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    Damn Anduril, you're getting my creative juices going all over again.

    I forgot to mention my thought process on the monsters. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is doing hunters v baddies. The only reason I didn't go for that immediately was that I'd have to cut out some character classes if the heroes were only on one side of the board. I could personally do it... But I like the idea of making this for fans of the series and I'd hate to have someone not see their favorite class.

    Still, I didn't even think of what monsters made sense but hearing your thoughts makes it feel real already. All those choices make total sense. I didn't see the Bulclaw at first but your explanation is right on the money. Kinda funny since the king in chess is so slow too. Perfect fit.

    It's a bit of a crazy amount of work, but I think it's totally reasonable to imagine alternate sets. I mean, it's probably not crazy to picture a different monster set for each level. That sounds kinda fun too. Haha, we'll see.

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    Yeah, if it weren't for the number of character classes in PSO/Ep.I&II, there might be some more flexibility; 12 just makes things a bit more muddy to deal with in trying to do a light/dark chess motif (like what you see with a lot of LotR sets).
    If there were only 8, it would be conceptually easy to do something like have the character classes be the pawns (after all, aren't our characters just pawns in the machinations of the Ragol's mysteries) while other important NPCs would be the other roles (like Principal Tyrell as the King, Rico and Flowen as Knights, etc.).

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    True. The best I could come up with is something like humans v casts. It came naturally after deciding on HUmar as one king and HUcast as the other. Sega did a decent enough job making HUmar the star of the show, if there is a star among the classes, and HUcast as the closest thing to a villain (all Kireek's fault--HUcast needs a solid PR firm to escape that mess).

    But if I go through with 3D printing the whole set eventually, I'll still make both sides in black or white. I figure it's not a big deal.

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    Rag Rappys should be Pawns, obviously

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    Definitely, haha. If the forest was its own set I think I'd do something like:

    King - Dragon (this would be pretty tough without shrinking him way down or just doing the head or something...)
    Queen - Hildebear
    Bishop - Booma (go with the classic? Could go full-on Gigobooma)
    Knight - Wolf
    Rook - Monest (maybe with the mothmants around but that might be too much)
    Pawn - Rag Rappy

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    So, as I mentioned earlier, I'm new to sculpting, but this project has gotten me going. It's pretty awesome to see all the classes slowly appear. Although RAcast looks ridiculous and I'm not sure how that big boy is gonna fit on a chessboard, I've got the basic poses of the original art done.

    I figure from here I can figure out how to design some functional pieces and make bishops and knights etc look as similar as possible.

    Check it out!

    full lineup.jpg
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    Alright folks, newest installment. This time with all the chess piece poses planned out.

    chess poses lineup.jpg

    Obviously this took a little longer, what with 12 characters to arrange, but I think I've got something that looks pretty good for now. I tried to keep some elements of the original defaults whenever I could while also matching up the two bishops, the two knights, etc. There is some variation, but at least the pieces of the same colour are fairly close.

    As you can see I'm hoping the weapons help make it clear which piece is which at a quick glance.

    What do you think?

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    Looking good so far. Using the same weapon for each type is definitely a great idea to help with the quick visual identification.

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