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    Default An introduction and gushing about SEGA AGES Phantasy Star (Switch)!

    Hello all, glad to finally join. While I've known about PS and even played it in the past, I think M2 did an amazing job with this port. I have opted for an old-school graph paper approach and as such my playtime is considerable! Nowhere near the end and 30+ hours in
    I love this game, it really blows its competition at the time (Dragon Warrior, FF) out of the water in every way possible (technical, story-wise, graphically etc.). These dungeons are sprawling and you can get lost in them, the puzzles are very satisfying to solve and the monsters and battle backgrounds are vivid. I actually played through once with the automapping (an excellent feature) and FM sound, which I despised! It ruins the compositions in this game in my opinion. The variety of the three worlds in the Algol system is excellent.

    I've decided to bring out my Mega Drive II to play the remaining games in the classic system, but the games do sell for a considerable amount - is the Mega Drive Mini a viable option? Regardless this game is severely overlooked and the very definition of being both timeless and ahead of its time.

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    I played it with all the easy enhancements, took a pleasant 8 hours to beat. I don't really like the difficulty level of the original, I don't think they even knew what where they doing about balancing.

    On Switch you can get the Megadrive collection:

    On Steam you can get the 3 games separately for that same collection.

    On PS3 with a Japanese account you can get the PS2 Sega Ages 2500 Collection (buy an import 1000 yen PSN card, it was 800 yen last I checked), also ported by M2 and also with bugfixes, also with run function, also with difficulty levels. That collection, even being Japan only, includes English versions of the 4 main games.

    Or cross your fingers so they release SEGA Ages Phantasy Star 2 on Switch, maybe all my fingers crossed are not enough xd

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    PC players have it easy with SEGA classics on Steam-workshop. Any old Genesis game you can think of is on their assuming you own the SEGA Mega-drive Classics.

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