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    Question Deleting a SEGA ID

    Many years ago I made a SEGA ID with the intention to use it to play JP PSO2. That never ended up happening so the account just sat empty and abandoned for years.
    Recently, I got an email from SEGA and it reminded me that the account exists, so I set out to delete it.

    I had problems with attaching images to this post so they have to be links, I'm sorry about that.
    Since I can't read Japanese, I used a translator and intuition for the majority of my efforts.

    I found an account deletion guide ( I followed it as closely as I could. I submitted an account deletion request ticket to SEGA and got this email back which started with: (#0)
    I replied to the email following the template, giving my information, only to get a 553 Message filtered error in two separate attempts: (#1) (#2)

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is it actually impossible to delete a SEGA ID? I'd really rather not have an unused account lying around.

    Thank you for reading.

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    I was wondering what that email was about! Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r00tabaga View Post
    I was wondering what that email was about! Thanks.
    well i recieve an email about notifications change of terms , but thats it

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    Got that email as well, it's just saying that they're changing domain or something, we have nothing to do as players.
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    It might not have been clear why I brought up the domain change email. I did because that's what reminded me that I have a SEGA ID...

    Anywho, it turns out that SEGA support actually was experiencing issues with emails! I received a new email from support a day or so ago telling me to send my support ticket again. Sure enough I did and my account cancellation request went through. I assume there will be no more issues once it's confirmed.


    My mission here is complete... I'll scramble my credentials, log off and go.
    If an admin ever stumbles upon this in the future, feel free to delete/anonymize/whatever my account, please.

    You all have a great day. ♥

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