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    Default Phantasy Star Gen 2: Clear Game Quest (Spoilers)

    So this probably isnt a spoiler anymore, but just in case I labeled it that way. Hoping someone here can shed some light on the subject for me.... I'm trying to get Nei back. I've literally put in 50hrs (a full play through and 2 attempts to get her, and then another full play through) I'm going to go for her again, but wanted to see if anyone had any tips.

    I've read through the instructions on GameFAQs, and followed them explicitly (TWICE!). Nei was not able to be resurrected. To be sure I'm starting correctly, I erased my 2nd memory card, loaded it with the PSG1 data, beat PSG1 again (I was saved at boss) and saved the "Clear Game" data. Then I put in PSG2, started a new game and loaded the "Clear Game" data. I just finished beating PSG2 again and started a new game with the "Clear Game" data. I am trying for the resurrection again. I made checklists and detailed what every NPC is wearing along with their Japanese name in katakana. (I'm playing it on my Japanese PS2)

    I did extensive searching and reading from others experiences and have some questions:

    1) Someone on another forum made a comment about common mistakes in the resurrection: Talk to everyone in Arima on your first visit and then on your next visit again -without- Rudo in your party. (This is not in the guide - the guide explicitly says not to drop Rudger (Rudo) from the party and many in this thread agree. Do I need to visit Arima again BEFORE adding Rudger (Rudo)?

    2) Do I need to speak to Governor O'Connor before meeting Rudger (Rudo) and Anne (Amy)? (Thats not the order in the FAQ)

    3) When you go to Optano the first time it says talk to everyone. Does that include Aventino because it later says to go to Aventinos after adding Anne (Amy) to the Party.

    4) After giving the System Recorder to Governor O'Connor, but before meeting Huey (Hugh), later Amia (Anna) Keinz (Kain), and Silka (Shir), do I need to talk to everyone in town after consulting with the Governor but before meeting the new teammate(s)? (Thats not in the FAQ)

    5) Does it matter which Motavian B2F I give the Polymetryl to the first time when I get ripped off?

    6) After giving the (bad) Motavian the Polymetryl, do I need to consult before speaking with him again (That's not in the FAQ)?

    Issues I ran into following the guide (hopefully this will spark what I missed or if I talked to someone in the wrong order. I followed the guide on GameFAQs explicitly.

    Everything I do matches the guide up until:

    "{22} Kueris 1". I consult when I get to town and see fresh dialog. After talking to everyone in town and consulting again, there is no new dialog, it's the same as when I arrived.

    "{23} Paseo 7" I speak to the governor, meet keinz (dont add him to party) and consult. I get fresh dialog. I talk to the governor again and consult and its the same dialog.

    "{25} Zema 3" I speak with Carmel and its the same dialog from "{21} Zema 2".

    "{31} Zema 4" Zachariah had no new dialogue

    I appreciate anyones help even if its only answering 1 of the questions. I'm REALLY hoping I just forgot to load the Clear Game data on my first two attempts at this, but I cant imagine I'd forget such an important step....
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