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    Default Hunter Guide: Human or Cast?

    Go for Human Hunter or Cast Hunter?

    Since I've been seeing Phantasy Star players wondering and debating about what is the best race for Hunter type between Human and Cast, I decided to make a discussion about my observation and experience playing as Human Hunter and Cast Hunter, but before I begin, I'll clear things out that this is my experience. However, for those who are going to choose Human Hunter or deciding between Human or Cast Hunter, ah, you're in the right place and time, my fellow gamer because here are the ways for you to get the answer and become a strong Hunter may be it HUhuman or HUcast.

    We all know that Humans and Casts almost have the same stats in terms of their HP, ATK, DEF, ACC, and lastly, both are tanks (perhaps, Casts are just "tanky" and I'll explain later why) since Humans have balanced stats which makes their combat performance good, making them look like "fighters" of PSP, they are fit to be Hunters being that Hunters have high DEF (the reason why they are frequently called as tanks) that also gives them an average resistance to TECs and debuffs, high ATK, additional ATK speed with their Dark Mirage Blast, and lastly fine MND (as far as I know). However, Humans may have balanced stats and plus their stats in Hunter type, yet they are horrible to ranged and TEC weapons. They don't outshine anywhere too because they are "balanced", so they are better with melee weapons. But, NOT IN ALL cases. Every race and type of PSP need backup plans, yet, they still vary especially at crucial situations. For instance, HUhunters, they need one ranged weapons, rifle or dual pistols will do for chains and aired-unit creatures like Zoona and Dragon to lessen the hassle of waiting for them to land. AND OF COURSE, just because Humans are terrible at doing TECs, they also need some of them for buffs, specifically Resta (healing), Giresta (remove debuffs), Shifta (+ATK), and Deband (+DEF, EVA & MND). Equipping 1-2 TEC weapons will do may it be rod, t-mag or wand. HUhumans need these photon arts as well to uphold the features of being a Hunter. They are also useful in parties with these skills resulting an aided team.

    Now for HUcasts, I've been an HUhuman user, but I admit that HUcasts are the best because of their high ATK, high DEF, high ACC, they have access to Fluge, and lastly, their PP regen is a KILLER, making them excessive on using photon arts. They are tanky, their combat performance is great, they can also switch to TEC as healers/supports where they can fully heal themselves or their teammates + they can last long the buffs Shifta and Deband when casted and can remove the debuffs of their allies. BUT, ONLY WITH FLUGE. But IMO, much better if they will have 1-2 TEC weapons and get the following TEC skills I mentioned earlier in the Human Hunter discussion. In contrast, Casts may have high DEF, or let's say tanky, but they are severely weak against enemies with TECs. Their resistance to debuffs is also bad. They get stunned, confused, burnt, frozen, shocked, infected, poisoned, sent to sleep, etc. EASILY, unlike Humans. And last is that their PP is low.

    What are the weapons I need to use?
    Good question, my friend, here are the following weapons you can bring up with you:

    Axe: very very slow but deals massive damage and knockdown to enemies; decreases EVA.

    Sword: slow but not like the Axe, it's good for crowd control and bosses with multiple attack spots. Higher level swords can hit multiple enemies as well; increases DEF and MND.

    Spear: fine speed and ACC, can hit multiple enemies, good for crowd control but complex; increases EVA.

    Double Saber: extremely high ACC and fine speed and is able to hit multiple enemies. Its Photon Arts are focused on multiple targets; increases MND.

    Knuckles: fine speed and power, high ACC, Photon Arts focus on one, dual or multiple enemies; increases EVA.

    Twin Claws: average speed and ACC, high power; increases EVA.

    Twin Saber: balanced with high ACC, power and speed; increases EVA.

    Twin Daggers: extremely high speed, balanced power and ACC; increases EVA.

    Saber: fine power and ACC

    Dagger: great ACC and power; increases ACC.

    Claw: high atk, low ACC; increases ATK.

    Whip: extended range ATK and crowd control; increases TEC and slow

    Slicer: extended range ATK, balanced power and ACC, fine speed; increases EVA.

    There you go! But, those tips I mentioned above are only suggestions. We have different play styles after all as long as we're comfortable and used to it. Still, for us Hunters, we need to have at least ranged weapons and TEC weapons with us for diversion especially during bad calls.

    So that is all. NOTE that this is not 100% satisfying, except for me. However, I hope it helps. If I missed something, feel free to comment in this thread. I'd also like to hear tips from other players because I'm also noob. ☹️
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