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    Default phantasy star portable 2 saveeditor?

    I found a save editor for phantasy star portable 2 I am wondering if there are any other save editors that would allow me to add in or unlock partner cards anyone know or have the zip file for ppspatchator save ediot?basically i'm looking for a save editor for ppspp that will allow me to mod add in or unlock partner cards the save editor I found and am using is Phantasy Star Portable 2 Save Editor / Viewer and I don't see where or how to edit in or mod partner cards or if there is a way to mod in partner cards using this editor i'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to add in partner cards using the save editor I have or point me to a save editor dor psp2 that has a way to mod or edit in parnert cords or mod/ edit in all partner cards that ar obtainable throughout psp2
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    well stiil no luck finding a download got the download links are dead haven't found an save on gamefaqs that has all pertner cars including magashi lou or shizuru i'll keep looking hofully someone will reply and share a save current clear data I have for now is a level 48 human male partner cards aree everyone minus ethan, karen lou and magashi and shizuru am hoping someone replies I will keep checking back adding 2 screenshots taken from ppspp whowing wherei'm at charcterwise as well as parter cards I have and so on. just compled the game hopfyully soeone out there in the forums might know of or have a ppspp save file with all partner cards they might or would be willing to share
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