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    Default Retired gc pso and psu players, are you returning for pso2 en?

    If so what's the plan for which server to play on? I'm thinking ship 2 like jp servers, but I'd like to see what everyone else is planning on?

    Also I don't remember my original psow login, but I'm glad my backup still works haha. It's been so long since I've logged in here

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    I never retired from older Phantasy Star games like PSO and PSU. I play on Ship 1 Feoh. 19 years of fighting Dark Falz's army and going strong.

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    I see, you're the type of person I was looking for. So what server are you planning to play on if you're planning to play the NA servers / aren't already playing them?

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    Old-school RA Sir_Laguna's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Ship 02, Yas in hand-- all I need.


    Sir Laguna reporting back in. Played a LOT of PSOGC online, way back in the day. Had a legit Lv. 200 RAmar. Can still feel that ASCII keyboard controller in my hands, and remember typing on those tiny-ass keys.

    I'm on NA Ship 02, and I'm also looking to reconnect with whoever's left of the GC community. Been on pretty regularly as of late, typically during the evenings. If you're still looking for someone to slay stuff with, let me know!
    Sir Laguna: Always outnumbered, never outgunned.

    We're doing this in 2020.

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    Late response from me, super sorry about that.

    I'm also on ship 2 and would love to add more returning players.

    If you aren't in a guild yet, I'm in one with some psu vets, and a couple pso vets.
    Otherwise my player id is squeezit and my character name is Pandora

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