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    Default NA PS2/PC PSU Players Meet Up Thread

    My apologies if there is already a thread of this type!

    I am currently playing the NA Server of PSO2 and am curious how many people from the NA PS2/PC server of Phantasy Star Universe play this game! We all made so many memories playing PSU and playing PSO2 has been a very nostalgic experience for me.

    Please use this thread as a way to reconnect with your old friends! List your PSU and PSO2 character info below and hopefully we can create a little community for us.

    If anyone remembers me, my character from PS2/PC was Mia Meow, before I deleted her and moved to the Xbox sever with the character of Bijou. I am currently playing on ship 2 under the same name (Bijou). To find me in-game, my Xbox gamer tag is cherrypipka and I believe the only way to add friends is via windows or gamer tags and there is not a way to actually add friends in-game.

    Please let me know if a similar thread already exists! Thanks y’all.

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    Currently on ship 2 playing with Mia Meow what, 12 years later? Absolutely miss PSU, and would love to see some old faces around
    - Hewitt from PC/PS2

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    Mostly played on Lyzael Guardian on PSU.
    #1 International MAG+ TA Champion in PSU. Co-Founder of Royalz

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    Man, I miss PSU. My character was Reggie back in those days. Just started PSO2 on ship 2, character name is Z.

    PS0 Friend Code - Reggie - 0216 4827 6175

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    Ship 02 Ur, Oracle


    I was known as Anon ver.2 back in the PC/PS2 days on PSU.
    Nintendo Switch: 5668-1176-9106

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    I'm jumping back and forth between the NA and JP servers. I'm Ship 1 on NA, Ship 2 on JP.

    I was Kichi on PSU PC as well, been using this name for years! Or at least some variant of Kichi Kuronagi, KichiK or some such. I played a red haired Beast man.

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    I'm on ship 2. Same character name that I used on PSU and PSO2 JP.

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    PC/PS2 and later Xbox 360.

    Was known as Yamishi with various numbers at the end.

    Then on Ship 2 PSO2JP under the name Cobalt Robot, and now playing PSO2NA on Ship 2 with the same name.

    Gamertag: Cobalt Robot

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    Yes i wanna get back in on everything. Its its ship 2 like on the JPN version then i will also be on ship 2.
    "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." ~Assassins

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    I actually recognize familiar faces, fancy that.

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