Hello guys

I thought since PSO 2 has been released in North America, am at the moment
I am nostalgia chasing, many years had my face shoved into the screen of Phantasy Star Online
Ep. I & II, Blue Burst many years ago, and never tried Phantasy Star Universe, only played
last console generation on the xbox 360, sadly it was only for a short time, i remember my xbox 360
ruined all of it due to constant becoming RROD'd (Red Ring Of Death) I have never tried PSU on
PC before, i really hope i am not too late, and the PSU world ended, i know it wasn't as great as
PSO which has reached legendary status many years ago, even when people played PSO 2 in Jp
and checked population now since PSO 2 NA release, logged on and see people playing like it wasn't
even released, no disrespect to PSO2 i love the game. Really hope i could still play PSU, hell! I'd be happy
even if i could play solo without anyone, ghost town status, always been passionate about SEGA for AGES
ha, and still remember playing Phantasy Star on Sega Genesis via Sega Channel. And I'm new here and want
introduce myself, I'm Vanzig, 35 years of age, from the state of the swamps and gators, im that raging Cajun metal head
from Louisiana, sportsman paradise! And looking to play or party up someday and chill together virtual lounging.