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    Default Alternative to the Gamecube ASCII Keyboard Controller?

    So, I've been getting back into playing Episode 1&2 on Gamecube, and it's been a lot of fun! But communicating with other players? well, thats a whole different story.

    I've done some snooping around on the topic of alternatives, and I've heard about some adapters that let you plug in a USB keyboard into your Gamecube, but the problem is, I've only heard of them through people talking about them, I can't find any for sale.

    If anyone knows where to get an adapter to make communication easier on GC, please let me know! Thank you!!!!
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    Yea good luck in finding those, I looked on ebay and nothing. I had an usb adapter and it works. I don't even remember if I have it anymore since it was from 2005

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    I did find this
    It MIGHT work with a Bluetooth keyboard.
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