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    Default PSO2 JP Neck Seam

    Hi, I'm very new to PSO2 and just started a few days ago. I'm loving just about everything except one thing that is really bugging me: Some characters have neck seams like I'm playing Skyrim.pso20200729_211257_000 - Copy.jpg pso20200729_211257_000 - Copy - Copy.jpg

    How can I fix this? I tried cranking up my textures and shadows but to no avail.

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    It's just the way that models in this game are. There are even some hairstyles that occasionally show the void inside your character's head from certain angles. Hopefully the upcoming (and by upcoming I mean in the next year) model update will fix this.

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    Wow, really? Are most of the clothing models ingame like this? (ex: clothing that reveals neck, like swimwear or low-cut shirts?)

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    Pretty much, yeah. I just went back through a bunch of my screenshots, and in many of them the seam is noticeably there. Though, in general, most outfits in the game are designed to hide it, whether it be with chokers or high collars.

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    That's crazy! I'll still enjoy the game in the meantime but wowww I am so suprised that this is still an issue ingame. Thank you so much for your reply to clear things up.

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