Though we do not know the details yet of how Teams / Guilds will be in New Genesis, and as non-japanese new players turn to the NA server, the enJP community has dwindled in foot traffic with only a few of us veterans and core players keeping ships active.

There are so many Guilds / Teams on Ship 2, so many friendships have been made in almost 10 years, yet, the enJP community can sometimes feel separated or "space out" even though we're such a small group in comparison to the NA server.

Many teams struggle, including my own, ThePrincipality, as we continue to play daily or sometimes monthly.

I'm proposing a Discord server for the enJP community that accommodates every JP Guild, Team, and squad. Though we do have a shared JP section within servers like Phantasy Star Fleet, I feel a server dedicated and focuses on JP Teams would be ideal.

I believe doing this will tighten and strengthen the relationship of the players within the enJP community.

I am restructuring my own guild discord to be this server. I only ask for your support and feedback.

We are looking for a Team master/manager who are looking for a discord for their team. the idea here is that every team will have their own section within this server. it can be done.

The focus is to have us all under one roof which will allow for us the share and adapt ideas together. (many of us already have discords for our teams which can live alongside your "team section" in this new server to allow others to see and join)

please join my Team discord to help with this dream and to make the JP community stronger for another 10 years!