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    Default Gunslash with Luster sub...

    The Luster thread is 99.9% Luster main and that's probably good so here is a new thread about old school gs using lu sub.
    All other gs threads are ancient / by long gone users.

    Disclaimer, I'm creating this thread now because no one else has and like probably most people I have so far ignored lu sub and focused on lu main but I will not maintain this thread or format it in a useful way like ArcaneTechs does.
    If the mods want to / can work some mod magic and someone else would be willing to take over the thread I am fine with that.

    That aside, the basics of Luster sub:
    Strike damage buff: 70%
    Range damage buff: 50%
    Tech damage buff: 55%
    Pet damage buff: 45%

    On Te main Shifta and Deband triggered by Voltage have the same propreties as when used manually.

    I checked some damage on Rockbear, pretty much all midair and wrote down numbers popping up commonly, I did not distinguish between normal and crit but if main class crits more often that means I probably wrote down crit damage instead of normal damage.
    Using Guts drink and the same Liberate gs for all tests and all tests without team tree buff or any shifta / etc.. Also no High Time on gu main but using Fury Combo Up on hu main (to make testing easier), though no War Brave.

    I noticed some things about old school gs pas:
    Tri-Impact 0 seems to miss all shock waves at short distance and seems to do much lower damage a short range than at medium range.
    The shock waves seem to only hit between 1 and 2.5 steps away. I only wrote down that damage.

    On the other hand Ein Raketen 0's final shot does half damage at point blank but if you are a bit further, even if still close enough for all other hits to connect, it does full damage. The range at which you can still connect all hits but the shot also does full damage can be a bit finicky, though. At some ranges it's not consistent and I got half damage the time and full damage the other half of the time.
    Seems like 1/3 of a step is min distance but unreliable and up to 3/4 of a step away you can still connect with all hits, further than 1/3 of a step away you do get consistently full damage with the final shot, though.

    Kreisenschlag hits 3 times with the striking part of the pa but 2 of the hits are pretty far from where you aim and the first striking hit and the shots connect with. I.e. if you are at Rockbear head height and hit his head with the first strike and the shots the two other strikes will always hit the arms for half damage.
    So for some bosses like Rockbear the numbers I wrote down are actually off, but for some other enemies and bosses they are correct.

    I wrote down damage with a bunch of main classes using Lu sub and with HuEt as comparison to damage without Lu sub.
    GS Lu sub.png

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    I would recommend looking into Br/Lu. The gunslash multipliers for it are balanced around average stance, so weak stance gives you a big bump in damage.
    Fo/Lu has a high multiplier for gunslash, but the classes don't synergize well. You're either playing fo/et with less survivability and more upkeep, or using a gunblade with no utility at all.

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    HU/LU works fine to me because of contact and range damage buffs and for the defense buffs , still not sure if massive hunter is a good idea on this combination

    i havent tested FI/Lu ,BR/LU TE/LU and RA/LU (im sure this one will but whatever) so i dont know how good idea are those combinations

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    Quote Originally Posted by silo1991 View Post
    still not sure if massive hunter is a good idea on this combination
    Why wouldn't it be?

    Quote Originally Posted by silo1991 View Post
    i havent tested FI/Lu ,BR/LU TE/LU and RA/LU (im sure this one will but whatever) so i dont know how good idea are those combinations
    Fi/Lu is ok with gunslash, but it's probably better to stick with the Fi weapons.
    Br/Lu is fun and has good katana damage, and the most reliable high end gunslash damage, so it's my favorite combo for using GS. It doesn't actually have much utility for it though.
    Te/Lu is just Te for people who don't want to use techs on bosses honestly. I still like it though.
    Ra/Lu is a bit too reliant on Ra's multipliers for the shooting parts of the GS PAs imo, though you do get some shenanigans being able to maintain voltage easily with the level 85 skill and poison traps.

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    Does anyone know the current gunslash PA meta?
    I know some people were using it at least solo even before Luster made it competitive but I can't really tell which are the best pas to use.

    Anyway, from my testing HuLu was the best option, damage was easily as high as hu main weapons with some single gs pas doing 400-500k.
    I also tested without War Brave so that'*s a up to 15% more damage and obviously it has hu survivability.

    Lu sub is unconditionally in the middle of fi's Brave Stance proccing and not proccing so as HuLu you can also just hu main weapons any time you want and don't have to focus on gs for good dps. Well, without Shifta form voltage, with you get 2% more damage than fi sub with Brave Stance proccing even Shifta it's only a 5% damage increase.

    I noticed GuLu is quite pointless because gs doesn't bring anything good to the table for gu, gu main is only useful for CT and even as GuLu gs is still not as good as tmg for Chain Finish. It has high damage but still consistently less than tmg finish on GuHu.

    I did not add FiLu because it is very weak, I tested it before for several pas and always FoLu had a lot more damage.

    TBH Strezwei is a lot weaker than I would have liked, even the striking part has low dps. The only way to get it to do good dps is to execute a frame perfect input of weapon action when the animation ends to instantly trigger the animation of the other gs mode version.
    Not hard with shoot mode but since it interrupts the current animation if you start with slash mode you will likely cut the animation short and lose dps. Since this obviously switch between shoot and slash mode all the time it's extremely easy to lose track of current gs mode and then miss the correct timing for slash mode weapon action input which will lead to low dps from the striking part since it's often cut short combined with the super low dpp of the shooting part and overall is pointless to use more than once on occasion.

    TBH it's also crippling how Ein Raken 0 needs at least half a step distance to not full damage since with full damage it's the highest dps pa for gs while additionally having quite high dpp.

    I guess the only thing we can hope for is that this is a bug and that Sega will fix it when reported.
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    if you had gone back and actually read through the Lu thread (it's not that far back from the last page) you would have found the info you were looking for. My only reason for not adding it to the OP was that there wasn't going to be a ton of people looking to mess with GS main Lu sub combo's out the gate unless you were someone who was waiting for these buffs for years. I myself again, was never interested in OT GS play and only cared about main class only. People kinda nailed down the like a month back but I can get around to adding those Sub tiers to the OP and some vids if I can find more of them.

    I gotta go back and update the thread a bit anyways since I got kinda lazy and started playing other games. Kondibon essentially posted the combo's that work good though
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_importer_ View Post
    Tell you what mate, I'll decide when my topic goes into the QQ post or when it needs to be it's own thing, and you can do the same for yours. Alright, cool. Cheers

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    And as I said, it's probably for the best if the Luster thread is about Luster main.
    I probably should have mentioned more precisely what I meant with meta, not just the class combos or build or equipment but which PAs are best.

    PS: I kinda waited for the buff for years, I was no gunslash zealot like some other people but I was always disappointed it was basically useless before now.

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with having a thread specifically for it, since subbing Lu to use gunslash is more like subbing your main class. And there isn't really anywhere to talk specifically about general gunblade usage.

    I will say though, that in terms of using gunslash, Hu, and Br are the go-too choices specifically for using it, depending on whether you want high damage or survivability.

    Te can use it but it's mainly to give you another option besides wand whacking or techs, and Fi's gunslash multiplier is balanced around having basically all of its highest multipliers up so it's not very consistent, but it works well enough.

    Pretty much everything past this point isn't worth using for Gunslash imo, but I'm listing them out anyway for clarity and posterity.

    Gu/Lu and Bo/Lu are probably best just using their own weapons, since they can get a lot out of high voltage and build it fast. Their gunblade multiplier is balanced around skills that are hard to use with a gunblade.

    Ra I'm iffy on. Gunslash doesn't actually add anything to the class it can't do with its own weapons, and the shooting multiplier is balanced around still hitting weakpoints and weakbullet still, not to mention the class not giving Ra much in general, even with its own weapons.

    Fo/Lu is good for a joke, but voltage is clunky to build on Fo, and Gunslash gains no utility or extra damage from Fo skills, so even though the multiplier on the Lu sub skill is really high, it ends up being weaker than Hu, Br, or Fi at their best. If you could build and maintain voltage more reliably it would be good for photon flare shenanigans I guess.

    Su/Lu is just bad all around. It adds nothing to gunslash another class can't do better, you lose out on the 25% crit and extra voltage gain from JAs for your pets, and building voltage in general with pets takes a long time. If Su could build voltage better it could give you 100% Alter Ego uptime, but the problem is building that voltage.
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