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    Default PSU Tenora Works mod tool set

    Hi all, I helped Agrajag with getting this released and wanted to spread the word a bit. There's a fuller feature list in the readme, but there's a texture editor and a great number of rather useful utilities in there such as wip object layout and monster layout editors
    Currently it supports PSU, PSP1, PSP2, and PSP2i with more overall support for PSU formats.
    I'm hoping that the public release of this can lead to more interesting things down the line, but I hope this can be enjoyed regardless.

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    Thank you for this! And of course much thanks to Agrajag for all his support of PSU over the years, it's made me ecstatic to see PSU and PSPo2i revive like they have recently and it's all thanks to those of you who have been able to put in this effort.
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