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    Default Phantasy Star Zero back online!!


    I invite You to play together online Phantasy Star Zero. It's kinda MMOPRG for DS./3DS or for PC via emulator To learn how to play it come to this discord: and go to #psz-multiplayer-faq and slide down for InuYasha's step by step guide. Connect and share You Friend-Codes in #friend-codes channel.

    See You in game!!
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    Bump updated discord invitation link cause it expired. Now it should not expire .

    And here is some guy playing PSZ online 4 players
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    It's a small group at the moment, but it checks out!

    Everyone left craving more PSZ in this day and age all have their share of passion about it, so even if you have never tried the game I'd recommend giving this a shot.

    And if you miss days that felt too short about a game you wish you'd have had the chance to try online more, or give it another chance... now's a good time. I got to forgive more of its flaws and found the gameplay more involving in spite of being slower-paced than other PSO-games.

    With people to play with, it'll bring a fresh feel to this still-neat lost gem.

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    Yeah, this group checks out.

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    Yesterday we did some dragon runs with newcomers, here You can see some screens of it .

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