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    Default Hello! I'm new here.

    I recently bought a copy of Phantasy Star Zero and I am really enjoying it. I joined this site since it seems to be a good place to get info on that game and talk with other players.

    This is my first Phantasy Star game, so I'm a complete novice.
    IG: woodsmanwarren

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    Hi & welcome.
    PSZ is old, but being portable means you play anywhere.
    Blink & you might miss it! ;3

    Oh, keep sig at 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    Welcome, we do hope you enjoy your time here.
    "To walk into death is not to reject life, but to accept what you have done and respect what is to come."

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    @Dhylec @Freeze @Rukyius thanks for the welcomes. I apologize for the delayed response, my life is pretty busy atm.
    IG: woodsmanwarren

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