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    I do miss the thrill of PSO and PSU, not so much the games, but the community. Almost had that "Cheers" vibe to it, where everyone knew your name.
    It got to the point where I'd pay for my sub in psu simply so I could sit on 4th floor and just chat with strangers that I knew better than my irl friends.

    I was lucky enough to stay in contact with a few (and unlucky enough to stay in contact with one of them), but it's just not the same today. I miss those days.

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    Anyone playing pso2 these days? The game is in sort of a better state now. I've been on a bit of a hiatus but I still am trolling d999 and htpd in the base game. Ordinal tower might be enough to get me to play NGS for a bit, but it is still lacking in content a bit.

    I've actually started playing Mabinogi again, recently. I know some of the regulars here used to play together. Every time I open my friend's list, I think about FKL and how much I used to love posting here. I'm sorry that life got in the way and I left abruptly. I lost my mind, and had to find it. I hope you all are well, or as well as can be.

    I'll never forget breaking tha dhylaw, and being a cringe poster here. Truly were some happy moments.

    If you're on Ship 1 GL pso2 add pn: DeltaCorvii and say hi. I'll help you get into the game, catch up, or start over fresh with y'all.

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