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    Default 13º PSO2 STATION!+ (Last Episode)

    Date: March 26, 2020
    Time: 20:30~22:30 JST

    Automatic conversion time :
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    Warning! *There is no new information about PSO2 New Genesis announced the other day. PSO2 NGS will be promoted separately from the current PSO2. We will not publish PSO2 NGS informations in PSO2 STATION!+ in the future.

    ※先日発表された『PSO2 ニュージェネシス』についての新情報はございません。
    また、『PSO2 ニュージェネシス』については、現行『PSO2』とは別でプロモーションを行う方針のため、今後におきまし てもPSO2 STATION!+において『PSO2 ニュージェネシス』の情報を取り上げることは原則としてございません。あらかじめご了承くださ い。

    Important Topics
    1. In this final episode, several MCs from past broadcasts will appear to look back the trajectory of "PSO2" (From PSO2 Live Broadcast... Haruko Momoi, Ichitaro Ai, an Atsuko Enomoto. From Arks Cadet aka Dark Falz Girls... Marika Kouno, Riko Kohara, and Yurika Takagi. Fom ARKS Publicity Squad... Yua Saito, Airi Shimizu, and Yui Hasegawa. From PSO2 STATION+... Ayaka Suwa.)
    2. Megumi Han (Harriet and Shiva CV) will appear as a special guest.
    3. Infos about updates after April (PC, PS4 and Switch).
    4. Results of the "PSO" 20th Anniversary Contests.
    5. More infos about “Phantasy Star Online” series 20th anniversary concert “Sympathy 2021”
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    Seems like this will be the final PSO2 Station+ (makes sense, since NGS).
    PSO2 EN (Ship 1): Johana
    PSO2 JP (Ship 2): Johana, Ezodagrom, Luppi, Lana, Yukari, Blune, Elysia, Elena
    PSU EN/JP: Johana, Blune, Ezodagrom, Luppi/Johana, Lana


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    All good things must come to an end.
    Fan Art of my Character & Matoi Defending a City

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    So no Sakai or Kimura for the last ep?Kinda sad.

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    Yeah I remember that but it's the final pso 2 station so I was hoping they'd make a exception.

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    Been a long time of these videos lol. Now onto NGS!

    April Update:

    Scratch Update:

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    Awesome! No NGS until June!

    : D
    Le Temps Detruit Tout
    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Well, we're finally getting the last OST, don't know how they managed to get to do 2 albums out of this episode, but whatever, these will be the final piece on my PSO2 collection... unless I can somehow get the Arks Medal set, but I'm guessing you must have a Japanese address to get one.

    As for in game stuff, we'll a couple of more NPCs for additional titles and fucking finally, Omega Apprentice on Ultra Hard. Now if we can at least get Yamatto on UH, I'd be all set.
    Fan Art of my Character & Matoi Defending a City

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