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    I was away for quite awhile since I thought that PSO2 would NOT be localized at all. But now that I'm happily playing this game and building up anticipation for New Genesis; I will be working my way back to here. As to what I've been up to; mostly playing games offline on various consoles (I now currently own a Switch and a gaming laptop).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tymek View Post
    Never got into PSO2 JP?
    I was there for I think 7 months.
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    Seeing some of you guys' username brings back alot of fond memories. we probably never talked but had alot of mutual friends

    hey......PSO...PSU, PSZ and JP PSO2 was like a second like to me. i took a major hiatus.

    During the early days of PSO2, i did help Ricardo over at heavily. That really took a toll on me.

    lets just say end gaming, level capping and grinding and knowing what weekly update put a heavy fatigue on me.

    i played with several mutual friends on PSU who met in real life and played PSO2 with thier kids later on. crazy

    Now, i only play offline story driven game. call me a "Phantasy Star Online alcoholic" because im sober now.

    its nice looking at past groups i was in and reading all the old comments

    i hope all who find their way back to PSOW has been safe over the years, RIP for the ones we lost.


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    Man, it's been awhile since I last visited these forums. Been almost a year since I last hopped on here. Pretty much transitioned away from PSO tbh, did briefly attempt PSO2 but mainly on FFXIV when I do play a MMO. It is nice to see PSOW is still around even though it's no longer as active as it once was.
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    It certainly has been a hot minute.

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    The last time I was here for 5 or 6 months ago. I forgot my password and my account go to block aahaha But during this time I've been playing online games and thanks to soirish casino now I play and make money anywhere and anytime

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    I pop in here every so often, just don't really post much.
    Zeota - Ship 2 (JP)

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    I pop in a few times a year. Can't forget your roots.

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    8-10 years playing PSO since Dreamcast and into Game Cube. Played PSU till it closed its doors on us. Waited for pso2 to be localized, which it finally did, but somehow it did not carry the same feels as the og PSO.

    Currently playing mostly Warframe, the closest I have gotten to my HUcaseal since PSO and PSU.

    Forever the Gate Guardian.

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    Against all expectations to the contrary, I still exist.

    Protip of the day: if your mouse suffers from an issue where it inadvertently clicks twice when you meant to click once, shake it vigorously side to side, and then slap its underside into the palm of your free hand a few times.
    "Sword logic? That's cute."

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