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    Default Questions reguarding various hacked items

    Hi guys, I'm just looking for information on some things I've been curious about.

    I'm not sure if GameCube players had these, but can anyone explain the "mags" that you could equip as units in your armor? The description for them just says "Al Rappy". I know the mags give you boosts, but where? How?

    My other question was how did anyone get hacked items in the game? I played on original Xbox and I was too young to be able to process any of what you could do with an Xbox. What is the difference between getting hacked items (ex. Red Ring) to the Xbox and getting them to the GameCube? Is there one?
    And how did people make mags be level 1030 something?

    These are all questions I've just pondered for a while now and honestly just want answers to because I like knowing things

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    I just wanted to add since I realize without context that's kinda random and blunt on no-no things.
    I got these items as a kid back when the servers were up. I was about 12 and they were given to me by people online. I don't remember at all what they explained how they got/made(?) them, but I'm more or less just looking for the origin of and how they got into the game? Not sure how to even go about googling such a thing.
    I assume nearly 20 years later its not as much of a taboo subject, but do correct me if I'm wrong .-.

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    Pretty much all of those weird and questionable items were created using Action Replay. Action Replay is basically cheating software that modifies data in memory.

    You'd put the Action Replay disc in the drive before the game boots up, input a bunch of memory modification codes, swap to the game disc and boot it up.

    The Action Replay software remained in memory and executed your requested modifications which could include making items and changing how the game functions.

    Of course, you could also create items through the use of a proxy as well, which is a sort of middle man "server" software that runs on the PC and passes packets back and forth between the PSO server and Gamecube (modifying them in both directions), but could also change the way the game functions as well.

    Hope this information helps.
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    I never saw this response and just wanted to thank you deeply.
    I got curious again and began googling and came across this, whoops lmao. So super huge thaks, that was literally everything I needed to know. And thank you even more for Ephinea

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