... Level 172, Paradi Cataract, Multiple S-Rank weapons with 10/10 grind and well over 55 million meseta because I don't need those 12 Electrohearts or 10 Shigga Destas per run...

... and absolutely no rare spawns. No Deldanians, Lutus Jiggas, Booma variations, Jaggos or buffed Bil de Vears.


Desert Terror, Hill of Spores, Electronic Brain and Scarred Planet A/S replayed well over 200 times; Plains Overlord over 120. No exaggeration: I made a point of counting the times I played through them. Not counting aborting missions when the rare map chain didn't follow through, provided PSUpedia is accurate.

No Rappies, either. I suppose wearing the Rappy Suit and Rappy Mode and making the chirping noises myself won't help.

I've already conquered the game's hardest challenge so it's not like I need more items, but would be nice to close off a character with 2 or 3 specific ones, especially those that would fit a CAST Ranger.

</slight rant>