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    Default NGS Ranger Class Discussion

    Anything Ra related here, will edit the thread some more later on but for now I'm just going to provide bare info

    To see the Launcher demonstration, please skip to 48:28 from the last NGS livestream




    Common Questions

    Class Balance Updates

    Skill Tree Recommendations

    Recommended Gear

    Weapon Gameplay

    Weapon Meta

    DPS Rotations/Charts, High Level Play Videos

    ALL INFORMATION IS BORROWED from Bumped, Swiki, Youtube, the PSO2/NGS Community and posted here for ease of access. I give my thanks to the people working hard on translating and updating the information we use on a daily basis to help ease our life while playing PSO2/NGS and being able to enjoy the game today and forward into the future. Consider visiting them for more information that may or may not be here or for your general update information for the game:

    If any of the video links are broken (either because Youtube took them down or the Twitter post was deleted) please let me know either by DM or posting here in the thread.
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    So I was wondering how the weak bullet reinforce was going to workwith how short the duration is, but apparently if you use WB on something while it's still active it just refershes the duration, it doesn't replace it, so you can keep applying it before it wears off to maintain the buffed version. This makes me think a rifle/launcher multi weapon is a musthave for ranger, since launcher is so much better at single target, but you need a rifle to use WB.

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    even Ngs has bullet reinforce stupid ranger still start a weak bullet war on the part that won't make it turn blue because most mpa were not melee and don't care to hit Gigantix's foot

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