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    Default (CLOSED) 200m for Tail Accessories (Ship 2)

    I'm offering 200,000,000 meseta for one of these specific tail accessories. I don't need 2 or all 3 and don't care which one it is so long as it comes in or can be made black.

    (MFDB Tail) MFDBしっぽ
    (Big Wagging Tail) ふりふりビッグテイル
    (Black Wagging Tail) ふりふりしっぽ 黒

    They're either unavailable or there's only a single player shop entry that is unrealistically expensive. Every additional 50 million I earn, I will bump up the offer by the same increment until I reach the cheapest amount possible to purchase one of these I like the most on the player shop.

    EDIT: Got what I needed.
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