Did i totally f up by not playing the global PSO2 version? When PSO2 global released, I had 1000s of hours... and 1000s of dollars...wrapped up in to my JP account and did not want to start all over. But with the announcement of being able to use stuff from PSO2 in New Genesis, including my characters, I dont know what my options are, if any.

Is it possible to move my JP account stuff to NA New Genesis? Probably not. But i thought Id ask. Id hate to perma retire from my beloved PSO/PSU franchise, but im not about to lose all that time and money and start over obtaining what I already got from playing a game for the last almost decade. I know i broke the rules by playing on the JP server, so spare me any lectures of ToS etc. I get it. But I thought Id ask just in case there was a way to keep my account.