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    Default Twisted with Hatred aka Super TPD clearing tips and DPS checker

    For this guide I'll be going over things that can hugely improve any party's chance to clear this god forsaken ridiculously hard last boss for PSO2. No spoilers will be included as the fight itself is a must experience for any PSO veteran. I will be dividing the content into three parts. Weapon affix selection to a bunch of useful tips and a DPS checker.

    Weapon affixes worth having

    Full damage percentage increasing S-abilities
    This is pretty straightforward, at end game you can have around +17%~19% bonus damage modifiers. Most commonly used set would be S1 +6% damage with 8 slot weapon, S2 +4% critical damage, S3 +5% critical damage and S5 +2% critical damage with +20% critical rate. A popular S4 option is the extra 250k damage every set period of time.

    Phrase Decay
    This ability gives +5% damage bonus to enemies affected by Jellen. Jellen works on all enemies, a number of classes can apply it and there is absolutely no other reason not to put one on your weapon (iirc). Can also think of it as +200 attack stat in one slot as 1% roughly converts to 50~ attack at end game.

    Guardian Soul
    Best affix available ingame with +70 to all stats, +70hp and +7pp.

    Burn 5 (optional)
    This allows you to get max damage (9,999,999) on gold rings during the last phase, whether this helps on getting the final knockdown at the end is still unclear.

    Useful things to have in your party

    Techter buffs
    This is usually done by one member in the party casting Shifta and Deband once the quest is started then immediately switching to his/her preferred class (going in as techter is fine too for zanverse, see below). The other members will have to extend the buff by using sky boon, a talis or jet boots.

    Weak bullet
    Everyone's favorite enemy debuff, significantly increases the whole party's damage. If you have a main ranger friend immediately ask for a reservation.

    This is done by a tech class, usually spamming it for its duration. While it may seem insignificant, the damage that it can ramp up is huge in parties that have crazy DPS.

    Timed abilities on unit with attack bonus depending on class
    These give another +150~+210 extra attack depending on the data drives that you can get. And while there are a number of special area effects available the most recommended would be status ailment nullify ones with the priority order being freeze, shock and lastly burn nullify.

    Attack boosting food consumables
    Check the cafe for meat and vegetables which gives +100 attack and 50hp. Other food items available go from cakes, donuts, idola steaks, Jen's puddings, rations etc. Keep in mind that some of these are stackable but they can get pretty expensive if you go ham. Worth it though!

    Lastly, the DPS check

    A widely discussed topic among the JP community stating that clearing floor 40 of the solo Sodam ultimate quest within five minutes and thirty seconds is a good measure that one is up to par. Here is a sample video of a luster clearing this feat.

    And that's it for this one. Hope everyone has a fun time running it with their friends and teammates! Cheers to everyone making it this far!
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