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    Default PSU Clementine Officially Launched

    Officially launched Oct 31th, 2020! No more server wipes, just create an account in the Launcher, login and play! Relieve the old days with the rebirth of Phantasy Star Universe Clementine. While aiming to keep things nearly identical to the official servers, there have a been a lot of positive improvements to the game done by the hardworking Devs over the years up to now and forward into the future. If you've been aching to come back and play some PSU again online PSUC has you covered!

    Online Client

    Clementine Wiki

    Getting Started Guide

    Clementine Discord

    I know this post is super late but I just want to spread awareness that PSUC is live and running, thanks for reading. You will also have to Google the offline client as the current PSUC launcher is no longer compatible with it.
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