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    Default It is confirmed that JP version won't have English option? it release at the same tim

    It is confirmed that JP version won't have English option?

    I understand that PSO2 it was released in JP first, so they need time to dub all the voice.

    but if the new game start global/JP at the same time, then I see how there is no point that global has language change option, but then JP client won't?

    Is Tweaker fully confirm in NG JP ?

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    Nothing is 100% confirmed since we don't have the complete download. We'll know more when we can download the game. Everything we know is based on the closed beta versions and the benchmark. Hopefully, we'll be able to predownload the client prior to release date (ie. monday or tuesday) so we can know more prior to release but I'm sure the Aida's team and modders will figure things out even if something happens. They are pretty smart.

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    Yeah if you go from what we saw in the Beta and the benchmarks as well, it's highly likely there will not be a language option in the japanese client.
    The global version had the selection for English or Japanese (which makes sense, since it wants to be.. you know.. "global").
    The japanese version however is just meant for Japan, so personally I even highly doubt we will see a native translation and the language option in the game.
    Guess those who can't find themselves through the game without the tweaker, will have to hope Aida and peops will implement translation for NGS.

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    In regards to the Tweaker and NGS, from their discord FAQ:

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasy Star Fleet: JP NGS FAQ
    Q: Will you continue to translate/support PSO2 after PSO2:NGS comes out?

    A: Of course! We'll be here until the very end, and then here for the next thing too!
    Plus they did make explicit note of the fixed Item Translation working with NGS.

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